The Pirelli Supplier Award was presented on Wednesday, 25 September, with Cassioli among the 9 winners selected from over 10,000 Pirelli suppliers worldwide.

The Supplier Awards are given annually by Pirelli to companies that have distinguished themselves for their ability to make the supply chain even more sustainable and improve quality excellence, promoting the high value of the company’s products, in line with the Group’s strategy.

Cassioli, who began working with Pirelli in 1995 and has been present in many plants with various types of handling systems for over 4 years, has been recognised for “Global Presence” and “Innovation”. Having built nine different systems in Pirelli plants in just three years, in Italy and across the world, including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Romania, Cassioli has distinguished itself for its global presence, as well as for its strong focus on innovation and research into cutting-edge custom solutions.

The main systems developed by Cassioli for Pirelli are tyre-checking machines, final finishing systems and green-tyre handling & storage systems, which, thanks to proven efficiency, allowed Cassioli to be recognized as a highly innovative company, so much so that it was the first material-handling company to receive the Pirelli Supplier Award.

The prestigious award was accepted by Carlo Cassioli, CEO of Cassioli Group, who together with Michele Santillo, Key Account Manager, attended the event in the splendid setting of Pirelli’s headquarters in the Bicocca area of Milan.

“We are honoured to play a part in Pirelli’s success in the Tyre sector and we are proud of this important recognition, which honours us and encourages us to commit ourselves, to invest in research and innovation and to ensure that our systems offer ever higher performance” – said Carlo Cassioli. “We want to share this recognition with the entire company: our sales team, technical offices and production personnel. Every individual has made their own contribution to this important achievement”.

The award was presented by General Manager for Operations, Andrea Casaluci, and Chief Procurement Officer, Pierluigi de Cancellis, who had this to say: “Pirelli pursues a business model focused on Global High Value. In order to hit targets, it is therefore necessary to engage with partners capable of guaranteeing not only an excellent and innovative service, but also to share values such as a focus on people, the environment, the customer and brand value. This is why we wanted to reward companies that share these aspects with Pirelli and have become true partners rather than simply being suppliers of goods or services”.

In addition to Cassioli, other companies receiving awards included: Hevea-Tec Industria e Comercio Ltda (Brazil), supplier of natural rubber; Quechen Silicon Chemical (China), supplier of silica; Kordsa (Turkey), supplier of textile reinforcement; Nynas AB (Sweden), supplier of plasticizing oils; Nuova Ciba S.p.A. (Italy), supplier of dosing equipment; Accenture, strategic partner in Pirelli’s digital transformation roadmap; Artic Falls AB (Sweden), supplier of winter product-development testing ground and Arval Service Lease (France), international partner for long-term car rental.

Cassioli would like to thank Pirelli and all the staff for the welcome and this prestigious award, hoping that this collaboration as suppliers will become a truly fruitful and lasting partnership.

A great party with Rocco Commisso and the whole family of the renewed ACF Fiorentina team

The inaugural event of the 2019/2020 season dedicated to sponsors and all the employees of ACF Fiorentina was held last night in Florence, in the beautiful setting of Villa Vittoria.

Cassioli, one of the local partners of the football club from this year, took part in the welcome party, in the company of many big names from the Florentine team and from around the city. These included Manager Vincenzo Montella, Joe Barone, Team Executive Giancarlo Antognoni, former Florentine player Alberto Di Chiara and the mayor Dario Nardella, who has declared his full support to president Commisso and the club for construction of the new stadium.

It was a beautiful evening that began with an important charity initiative by the Florentine Club, which will sponsor the Meyer Children’s Hospital with the Foundation logo on the players’ shirts, alternating with that of APT Val di Fassa.

During the event, Commisso was available for various photos and handshakes with the participants, thanking all the partners who have supported the important and ambitious project of the new Fiorentina team this year, not only economically, but above all with such extraordinary enthusiasm.

ACF Fiorentina is a team that, together with its chairman, seems destined to get people talking in coming months: Commisso is an ironic chairman, “a man of the people” who knows how to enjoy a joke, but who never loses sight of his role and his commitment to seeing through projects that have been up in the air for far too long.

Cassioli’s logo with feature on the LED walls at the edge of the pitch in Florence for all the home matches, and the company has demonstrated its passion and commitment to the new team.

Thanking the Club for its hospitality during last night’s beautiful welcome party, Cassioli gives its best wishes to the Florentine Team, which so far boasts 2 Scudetti, 6 Coppa Italia and one Cup Winners’ Cup, and which we feel confident will soon achieve further awards and equally prestigious goals.

We have made every effort to protect the health of our workers as far as possible using safety devices and measures to fight Covid-19.

Since mid-March, Cassioli has had to remodel and strip back its work activities to the elements most essential and strategic for the country, in line with government regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The company is now ready to relaunch as effectively as possible, placing protection of its employees at the centre of all actions.

In recent months, the Company has worked hard to develop and disseminate a complete code of conduct for its colleagues in order to guarantee health and prevention measures. Cassioli immediately provided alcohol-based disinfectant gels and mandatory PPE, such as disposable masks and gloves, as well as enforcing 1.80-metre social distancing in the workplace.

The protocol drawn up by our safety experts was then reinforced with mandatory temperature measurement for all employees entering our sites, redistribution of workstations and constant disinfection of rooms by cleaning personnel.

In this period, Cassioli has never completely shutdown. Thanks to remote working and special shifts, both for office-based personnel and blue-collar workers, it has been possible to continue operations and assist our customers even during the lockdown, helping to continue the important work of essential primary sectors, such as the food & drink, pharmaceutical and air-freight industries.

Now that Phase 2 is fully implemented, we are working to further increase safety in the company, placing the health of internal personnel and those who will be working on external sites at the centre of all actions.

Below are some of the most significant measures applied here at Cassioli:

  • Monitoring of body temperature with daily checks for employees before entering the workplace, using a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
  • Mandatory face masks for all activities and working environments, for the entire duration of the working day; the masks are provided at specific company premises;
  • Obligation to respect hygiene measures for hand sanitising, using alcohol-based gel or washing them frequently with soap and water;
  • Obligation to respect shifts and spacing for the canteen: scheduled times according to the company department and staggered seating, leaving adequate space between people. The canteen has also been equipped with Plexiglas barriers and disposable sanitizing wipes for table and seat sanitization;
  • New canteen expansion: the expansion of the production plant in Torrita, already underway since the end of 2019, involved a new canteen area from the beginning, which has now been redesigned and optimized. In order to further prevent the spread of Covid-19, the area dedicated to the new canteen has been increased. It will be equipped with tables and chairs with a special Krion coating, a material that ensures safe and healthy environments thanks to its photocatalytic and antibacterial properties and its easy-clean properties; tables will also be equipped with special protective plexiglass barriers.
  • Sanitization of company vehicles after each use with an ozonizer, for sanitization of the passenger compartment and the air-conditioning system. Ozone is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a natural method for decontaminating environments and surfaces from bacteria, viruses, germs and any other microorganisms.
  • Daily cleaning of rooms and workstations with alcohol-based disinfectants or sodium hypochlorite by cleaning personnel, according to the instructions of the Italian National Institute of Health.

The current situation in Italy and in the world is very challenging: it is complex, problematic and constantly puts our resources and our way of working to the test. However, we believe that, like any challenge, this will be an opportunity for Cassioli to overcome its limits and come out stronger than before, altered, but with the same desire to improve and create more efficient systems for our customers.

Cassioli is therefore relaunching with a promise and the responsibility to ensure compliance with all safety regulations, whilst also ensuring the support and continuity of services for customers who continue to place their trust in us.

Distanced, yet united and always protected, we can do it!


Cassioli manufactures automatic serving systems for production lines making insulated panels in PUR/PIR polyurethane, MW stone wool or PE polystyrene.

Sandwich panels or insulated panels are special panels used for thermal and acoustic insulation. These panels, made of two metal sheets with insulating material inside, represent the ideal solution for insulating roofs and walls.

For more than 40 years, Cassioli has been offering its experience in material handling and production process management to companies producing polyurethane and stone-wool sandwich panels, both for continuous and staged lines.

Serving systems for sandwich-panel production lines supplied by Cassioli are highly automated.

Our special systems allow us to create complete serving lines for complex unloading and handling operations (cooling, tipping, stack formation, stack packing and insertion of polystyrene blocks). The individual cut panel, coming out from the double belt, is picked up, cooled, turned if necessary, stacked and returned to the end of the plant perfectly packed and ready for dispatch. The particular flexibility of Cassioli systems allows extension of the entire unloading process on all types of panels, whether wall panels or roof panel, with corrugated panels or roof tiles or with special sheet-metal profiles. Management of the different types of panel is automatic without the need for any operator intervention: the operator only has to carry out normal supervision of the lines during operations.

Our systems also allow automation of part of the production process of stone wool panels. In particular, Cassioli manages the stone wool by automating the operations of insulation-material picking, cutting to size, turning, lining up and inserting between the sheets before double taping. This applies to both the panel-filling battens and the wedges for filling the corrugated panels. As for the panel management systems, here too, all the operations take place automatically without the need for operator intervention. The operator only has to feed the piles of insulation material at the start of the line, replace the multi-blade devices for cutting the panel to size and carry out normal supervision for the rest of the operations.

Do you want more information about our automatic systems?
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Cassioli, automatic handling and storage systems for the food industry


Cassioli, a leading company in the industrial automation market, has developed high technology automatic systems with high efficiencies specific for the Food & Beverage sector.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and to the investment in the search for increasingly advanced, sustainable and modular technologies, Cassioli is able to create customized solutions for the storage and handling of products and semi-finished products in the food industry, which perfectly adapt to any type of environment.

From production to assembly and  packaging to storage, Cassioli systems allow Food & Beverage companies to speed up each phase of the process, obtaining a streamlining of procedures and incredible savings in terms of time and costs.

For each food industry, Cassioli is able to design the best solution based on specific customer needs: not only automatic warehouses for the storage of raw materials and finished products, but also sections dedicated to the reception of production pallets, sorting systems and pallet handling.

As regards storage, Cassioli offers several different types of automatic systems for warehouse management, managing to speed up processes, guarantee order accuracy, availability, speed and precision of deliveries. The possibility to maximising storage space, both vertically and in multi-depth solutions, enable us to increase the space available, and thereby reduce – or completely eliminate – the need for operators designated specifically to merchandise picking and storage.

Ongoing research and the use of new technology has allowed Cassioli to develop specific systems for low temperatures, ideal for frozen products. Automated warehouses, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, can operate at temperatures from -30°C to +40°C, with minimal affect to operations and performance of the systems themselves.

In particular, the use of pallet shuttle, has vastly optimised storage space, reducing merchandise entry and exit times and increasing the overall capacity of the warehouse. Moreover, there are savings in terms of energy consumption, due to the absence of illumination inside automated warehouses, in that the machines can operate automatically and continuosly without the need for lighting.

In addition to automatic warehouses, Cassioli handling systems allow for the easy transfer of products from one area to another in a fully automated manner Conveyors and AGV ‘s are just some of the machines that allow a quick and safe transport of goods inside the work area, so improving productivity and reducing operating and labour costs. Thanks to the use of RGV and EMS, motorized shuttles that run on monorails on the ground or in suspension, it is also possible to connect the different warehouse areas with production, picking and shipping through special interface bays.

Cassoli is therefore the ideal supplier for the Food & Beverage industry, being able to manage not only the storage and handling structures, but also the management and IT system, which ensures complete traceability of  goods. The Cassioli management software is in fact able to manage all processes, from receipts to shipments.

The system thus formed will guarantee a high level of efficiency for all activities connected to the warehouse area and will allow a high flexibility in the storage structure, guaranteeing high functionality in the reception and shipping activities, while also increasing the quality and punctuality of the shipment.

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