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INTEGRATED POLICY: Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work

In compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018 standards

Cassioli Srl has implemented an integrated management system upholding quality principles, in order to safeguard:

  • the Customer, in terms of reliability of the service offered and the product supplied;

  • colleagues, in terms of reliability and integrity of the company in which they operate;

  • and Management, in terms of control of internal processes, regarding product realization times and methods.

Through development of the integrated management system, Management aims to:

  • meet the requests and expectations of Customers;

  • define and document internal processes, assessing risks, opportunities and areas for improvement;

  • define and document operating methods, allowing adequate levels of efficiency to be achieved;

  • improve the technical skills of company colleagues;

  • comply with national regulations on public procurement;

  • ensure high quality and speed of execution of work;

  • reduce costs and increase productivity, by analysing inefficiencies;

  • ensure that products supplied comply with all relevant laws and standards.

Management intends to implement this Policy with measurable targets and therefore commits to:

  • define specific and measurable targets, and disseminate them to those involved through appropriate information;

  • monitor targets defined through periodic reviews;

  • provide human, economic, technical and logistical resources necessary to achieve the targets;

  • support the integrated management system by holding periodic meetings with all company colleagues.

Management considers Customer satisfaction a priority to which it pays constant attention, in order to meet expectations and increase levels of satisfaction.

Management promotes a culture of quality and supports the organization’s commitment to meet all requirements of the integrated management system, to continuously improve effectiveness and to manage know-how, encouraging the involvement of all colleagues, promoting their personal skills and training and awareness of their role in the organization’s processes.

All colleagues are required to make their own motivated and constructive contribution to the success of the project, observing the principles of the Policy and actively suggesting improvements.

Management intends to continue the process of data management and its precise analysis, aware that:

Measurement is key. If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it.

If you don’t control it, you can’t manage it. If you don’t manage it, you can’t improve it.

Commitments under the integrated management system are translated into annual plans of objectives, targets and measurable indicators, adopting a structural framework corresponding to the needs of Customers and compliance with mandatory requirements for the organization’s objectives, assigned to the relevant levels of the company structure.



Suitability and conformity of the product in relation to the requirements

Conformity of internal processes and products manufactured, in relation to:

  • the European Union Directives applicable to the products manufactured, the services provided and the materials and components used;

  • the explicit needs and expectations of Customers.

Service focus

  • Effectiveness of internal communication flows in order to minimize process lead-times;

  • Support and maintenance management.

Internal Efficiency

  • Productivity;

  • Management of materials.

Dissemination of a culture of quality within the organisation;

  • Personnel training;

  • Implementation of the integrated management system.

Management is committed to complying with the Essential Safety Requirements applicable to the products.

Management undertakes to make resources and means available as appropriate for the objectives and targets set, in terms of skills, equipment, information, economic and financial resources, and to monitor their adequacy.

Cassioli Srl considers protection of the environment and the occupational health and safety of its personnel; compliance with the relevant legislative provisions on environmental and health and safety matters; the reduction of product pollution; the reduction of accidents and the prevention of occupational diseases and continuous improvement of the company’s performance regarding the environment and health and safety in the workplace, as core components of its business strategy.

Management makes every effort to improve company performance, prevent or reduce the environmental impacts of its activities, prevent or reduce accidents and occupational diseases through coordinated management of production activities and constant monitoring of processes and activities in any way related to the environment and health and safety in the workplace.

To this end, there is continuous planning and implementation of actions for involvement, training and updating of personnel at all levels, and in particular of all those involved in activities related to the environment and preventing pollution, along with activities related to health and safety in the workplace.

The organization is committed to disseminating its Policy, making it publicly available outside the company, and sharing it with all personnel, those working on behalf of the organization and external stakeholders.

All company personnel are directly involved to:

  • ensure compliance with all current mandatory legislation, environmental regulations applicable to the company’s activities and all other requirements that Cassioli Srl adheres to, with regard to health and safety risks in the workplace;

  • ensure the adequacy of its Integrated Policy, relative to expectations of stakeholders;

  • systematically detect and monitor environmental aspects (direct and indirect) of its activities and the resulting changes in the environment, with particular reference to waste, waste waters, consumption of energy and natural resources, and the development of products in line with eco-compatibility requirements;

  • systematically detect and monitor occupational health and safety aspects of its activities, with particular reference to installation and testing of systems within the plant and at the Customer’s premises, the conformity of the systems and work equipment used, and the training and awareness of personnel with regard to occupational health and safety factors;

  • assess in advance, prevent and reduce all possible environmental impacts and the possible impacts on occupational health and safety risks resulting from new activities and emergency situations;

  • develop, implement, review and improve its integrated management system;

  • design and implement management programs, in order to achieve the objectives and targets identified, aimed at continuous improvement of environmental performance and health and safety at work;

  • promote involvement, information, training and updating in environmental matters of personnel, suppliers and all external bodies;

  • promote consultation and participation in occupational health and safety matters of personnel and the Workers’ Safety Representative;

  • maintain open and constructive relations with the Public Administration and the relevant Communities, and with all individuals with a legitimate interest in the company’s environmental performance.

In order to promote its dissemination and understanding, Management illustrates the Policy to department heads, who in turn promote awareness of the role of the individual in achieving all objectives.

The Policy is communicated to all personnel by posting it on company premises.

The Policy is periodically reviewed by the Management Body in the context of the Management Review and changes to the integrated management system, based on the importance of environmental and health and safety aspects, all applicable legislative requirements and reports from internal and external stakeholders, in order to ascertain its continued suitability and, if necessary, make changes to it.

Torrita di Siena (SI), 15/06/2020

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