Thanks to the Cassioli automatic systems, Palazzoli has significantly improved the picking phase for the preparation of orders and the internal organization of its warehouse

Italian company specialized in electrical equipment for industrial plants and for the distribution of electricity, Palazzoli has been active in the electricity market for over 100 years, both in Italy and abroad, presenting itself as one of the leading companies in the electrotechnical and in the lighting market.

The company turned to Cassioli with the aim of significantly improving the picking phase for the preparation of orders, increasing the number of bays and allowing operators to complete  up to 3 orders simultaneously through batch picking.

In addition to picking phase improvement, Palazzoli needed to organize the pallets (Europallets), which until then were arranged on the ground, in a new automatic warehouse, which should have been guided by a new management software, capable of interfacing with both the company management system and the existing automatic warehouse where supports other than pallets (Skid) were used. The goal was to have a single management system capable of organizing all the material flows addressed to the picking bays, in order to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Cassioli therefore designed a solution organized in 3 parts:

  • upgrade of the existing warehouse and the warehouse logistics by replacing the conveyors and modifying the electrical panel of the old stacker cranes, in order to increase performance and safety;
  • installation of a new automatic warehouse with 2 double-depth stacker cranes and 4 new picking bays, capable of processing both materials handled on Skid and Europallet;
  • implementation of the Cassioli management system in a single system able to manage both the warehouses and the flow of products to the picking bays.

In order not to hinder the company’s production processes, Cassioli implemented the automatic warehouse in several steps, integrating the existing plant one part at a time, thus allowing Palazzoli to carry on production without interruption.

Thanks to the Cassioli systems, Palazzoli completely reorganized the logistics of shipments: the new ASRS made it possible to store up to approximately 4,500 pallets, eliminating the previous excessive traffic of personnel and forklifts in an already densely operational area. Furthermore, the new picking bays have allowed operators to receive materials handled both on skids and on pallets – without moving from the work area – and to be able to use them to satisfy up to 3 shipping orders at the same time, thus increasing productivity and ergonomics.

Thanks to the new WMS, the single management of material flows has streamlined traffic on the transport lines; finally, the modification of the existing stacker cranes made it possible to integrate them into the new WMS and to improve their management in complete safety.


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