Cassioli, always attentive to the needs of the community and the surrounding area, is a partner of cultural and sports associations, both locally and nationally:
with these companies, Cassioli shares important values ​​such as solidarity, team play, attention to social causes and presence in the community.

ACF Fiorentina

Cassioli is Business Partner of ACF Fiorentina, the Florence football club that plays in the Italian Serie A championship

SIR Safety Perugia Volley

Cassioli is sponsor of the men’s volleyball team in Perugia

Wealth Planet Perugia Volley

Cassioli is sponsor of the Bartoccini-Fortinfissi women’s volleyball team in Perugia

UNUS Tennis Communitas

Cassioli is sponsor of the amateur sports association UNUS Tennis Communitas of Sinalunga (SI)

Futsal Torrita

Cassioli is sponsor of the FUTSAL 5-a-side football amateur sports association, in Torrita di Siena (SI)

Padel Valdichiana

Cassioli is sponsor of the Padel Valdichiana sports center, located in Torrita di Siena (SI)

Tennis Club Sinalunga ASD

Cassioli is sponsor of the Sinalunga Tennis Club, which will participate in the maximum Italian National Championship of men’s tennis in Serie A1 teams

Torrita Blues

Cassioli is sponsor of the TORRITA BLUES FESTIVAL, the Blues music festival that takes place every year in Torrita di Siena in the month of June

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