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The Polish branch of our company received the “Dobra Firma 2021” Award

Cassioli Polska was awarded the prize for Best Company of 2021 for Innovation and Growth of the Central Region of Poland.

An important recognition for the Polish branch of Cassioli, aimed at rewarding the most important state and private companies that have particularly distinguished in terms of technological development and economic solidity.

The contest was organized by ZPP – Związek Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców –, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of Poland, which represents the nation’s small and medium-sized enterprises and which rewards companies whose activities in the field of entrepreneurship, management and innovation deserve a special recognition.

On the basis of the data of the National Register of Courts and the indicators developed by the ZPP experts, it has been drawn up a list of companies in the Łódź region, capable of meeting certain criteria (Best investor; Best innovator; Best employer; Company more efficient).

The experts of the Union carefully analyzed concrete financial results, taking into account, among other things, the company profile, the potential for innovation and development and the company’s reputation. After evaluating the data, the team selected a group of 66 winners among the most dynamic companies in the province and 9 winners were finally selected.

Cassioli Polska was therefore one of the winners of the Dobra Firma 2021 award, recognized as “Best Innovator”, that is the company which has stood out most from the technological innovation point of view.

At the gala ceremony, held on 2 December at the Special Economic Zone in Łódź, the prize for Cassioli Polska was collected by Mario Roghi, Member of the Management Board of the Polish branch of our company, who said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome with enthusiasm this recognition, that repays us for all the efforts made by employees in recent years and motivates us to achieve ever more ambitious goals, which strengthen the entire Cassioli Group “.

Among the winners, there were also important companies active in the construction, chemical, fashion, legal, consulting, IT and television production sectors.

Cassioli Polska, one of the most important production centers of our company abroad since 2005, is once again confirmed as a solid and concrete reality, capable of representing the values, efficiency and quality of Cassioli systems even beyond outside national borders.

Thanks to the Cassioli automatic systems, Palazzoli has significantly improved the picking phase for the preparation of orders and the internal organization of its warehouse

Italian company specialized in electrical equipment for industrial plants and for the distribution of electricity, Palazzoli has been active in the electricity market for over 100 years, both in Italy and abroad, presenting itself as one of the leading companies in the electrotechnical and in the lighting market.

The company turned to Cassioli with the aim of significantly improving the picking phase for the preparation of orders, increasing the number of bays and allowing operators to complete  up to 3 orders simultaneously through batch picking.

In addition to picking phase improvement, Palazzoli needed to organize the pallets (Europallets), which until then were arranged on the ground, in a new automatic warehouse, which should have been guided by a new management software, capable of interfacing with both the company management system and the existing automatic warehouse where supports other than pallets (Skid) were used. The goal was to have a single management system capable of organizing all the material flows addressed to the picking bays, in order to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Cassioli therefore designed a solution organized in 3 parts:

  • upgrade of the existing warehouse and the warehouse logistics by replacing the conveyors and modifying the electrical panel of the old stacker cranes, in order to increase performance and safety;
  • installation of a new automatic warehouse with 2 double-depth stacker cranes and 4 new picking bays, capable of processing both materials handled on Skid and Europallet;
  • implementation of the Cassioli management system in a single system able to manage both the warehouses and the flow of products to the picking bays.

In order not to hinder the company’s production processes, Cassioli implemented the automatic warehouse in several steps, integrating the existing plant one part at a time, thus allowing Palazzoli to carry on production without interruption.

Thanks to the Cassioli systems, Palazzoli completely reorganized the logistics of shipments: the new ASRS made it possible to store up to approximately 4,500 pallets, eliminating the previous excessive traffic of personnel and forklifts in an already densely operational area. Furthermore, the new picking bays have allowed operators to receive materials handled both on skids and on pallets – without moving from the work area – and to be able to use them to satisfy up to 3 shipping orders at the same time, thus increasing productivity and ergonomics.

Thanks to the new WMS, the single management of material flows has streamlined traffic on the transport lines; finally, the modification of the existing stacker cranes made it possible to integrate them into the new WMS and to improve their management in complete safety.


Redistribution and optimization of the ATRS lines in the new Terminal 1 of Rome Airoport

As part of the expansion and renovation project of Terminal 1 at Rome Fiumicino Airport, the positions were redistributed and it was optimized the configuration of the Fast2check ATRS (Automatic Tray Return System) lines designed and produced by Cassioli. Once again, ADR- Aeroporti di Roma chooses our company to optimize the security gates of the major Italian airport, confirming the fruitful partnership that has lasted since 2014.


Logistics & Automation, 22-25 november 2021, Madrid, Spain

Cassioli, together with Moinsa, our commercial partner in Spain, will participate in Logistics & Automation 2021, one of the largest exhibitions in the Iberian Peninsula dedicated to new technologies for logistics and industrial automation. For over 70 years, Cassioli has been designing and manufacturing semi-automated or fully automatic systems controlled by specific software, capable of quickly performing all storage and goods-handling operations. From production to assembly, packaging and storage, Cassioli systems enable companies to speed up every step of their processes, for streamlined procedures and incredible savings in terms of time and costs.

Come and find out more about our company and our automatic systems for modern industry at Logistics & Automation!

We are waiting for you in Madrid, 24-25 November 2021, IFEMA Feria de Madrid, Avenida Partenón 5, Hall 9, booth E61.

The importance of automation in the pharmaceutical industry chain.

The efficiency of the production system within pharmaceutical companies is a fundamental aspect to ensure rapid and timely distribution of products. Medicines must be produced in a completely safe environment and above all they must be traceable, in order to guarantee compliance with standards and rapid response to the orders placed.

The automatic warehouses developed by Cassioli are strategic and able to ensure not only high productivity for pharmaceutical companies thanks to the correct storage of raw materials, but also the complete traceability of the latter and the drugs themselves.

The use of automated systems for handling and storage of sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals undoubtedly requires systems with a high level of efficiency and great attention to safeguarding the quality and safety standards.

The pharmaceutical sector also requires strong control over incoming and outgoing materials, which sometimes require special conditions, such as low temperatures.

An automatic warehouse for the pharmaceutical sector may, for example, need specific devices for temperature control, as the products need to be kept within precise ranges to preserve their quality and therefore their effectiveness in absolute terms.

In addition to automatic warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry it is fundamental the use of cobots (collaborative robots) which allow to significantly accelerate production processes in small spaces and with numerous functions.

Robots and cobots can in fact be used not only in the production line, but also for the packaging of goods, for the preparation of orders and for the preparation of shipments to end customers.

The collaborative robot performs repetitive tasks with little added value: delicate in its movements, it manipulates the packaging of medicines by setting up the orders sent by pharmacies; moreover, it does not need large spaces for maneuver, but can operate safely in confined spaces. The robot therefore guarantees a reduction in product costs and standardization of the quality of work, as well as extreme ease of installation.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and with the worsening of the health emergency, pharmaceutical companies have increasingly felt the strong need to react promptly to the demand for hospitals and pharmacies: thanks to automation it has been possible to maintain high productivity even in environments where manpower had necessarily failed. Thanks to industrial automation, in fact, the plants were able to work 24/7 autonomously.

Pharmaceutical companies have thus been able to ensure continuity in the supply of individual protective devices and drugs of primary importance, without losing sight of the objectives of efficiency and preserving the health of the operators.

Cassioli, a leading company in the automation sector, has been the official supplier of the most important Italian and international pharmaceutical companies for many years: an example of this is the numerous collaborations with companies of the caliber of IBSA, Estar and Novartis.

Cassioli offers the customer customized automatic systems for every type of need, from the storage of raw materials and medicines – also for sub-zero temperatures – to automatic handling and servicing systems for production lines, up to packaging and preparation orders, providing cutting-edge machinery capable of guaranteeing speed, precision and safety at every stage of the production process.

AENA, the company responsible for Spanish airports and air navigation, after the works carried out at the airports of Madrid, Santiago and Seville, chooses again Cassioli as a partner for hand baggage control operations through the innovative Fast2Check Cassioli; this will ensure high safety standards and, in addition, will be able to optimize space and speed up the flow of passengers, significantly improving both the travel experience and the airport staff operations.

The Cassioli systems for the automatic management of trays at security gates and their return (ATRS) will therefore be part of the renewal plan of Terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport and will be installed in the new departure area. It will be placed a total of 25 new Fast2Check lines with lengths up to 24 meters. The 25 lines will be divided into 18 Fast2Check Advanced and 7 Fast2Check Easy, already prepared for the installation of the new x-ray computed tomography machines (category C3).

The installation of the new Fast2Check will guarantee important advantages from a safety point of view thanks to the innovative sorting line for suspicious baggage, which will allow the selection of rejected baggage, that is not compliant with safety regulations, in a rapid and completely automatic way; this will also allow the automatic transport of them in a section of the line, intended for more detailed checks or for reconciliation with the passenger.

The innovative design of the lines uses highly technological materials that gives antibacterial and even antiviral properties thanks to the ability of photocatalysis, besides allowing to obtain hygiene certifications (the tests carried out have also confirmed the ability to eliminate coronaviruses such as covid 19).

Ajinomoto is a Japanese multinational manufacturer founded in 1909 in Tokyo that produces condiments, cooking oils, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

In order to optimize the production of SAZÓN® seasonings, top brand in sales of the category, Ajinomoto turned to Cassioli for the realization of an automatic system dedicated to the palletization of the boxes of products coming from the different 9 production lines with the need to palletize each of these 9 lines separately in their respective pallets. The plant involved in the new automated plant was in Limeira, one of the company’s four industrial plants, located in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The reduced spaces and the need for a solution that could coexist with the human operator led Cassioli to develop a system based on collaborative robots capable of automating and speeding up the most repetitive processes.

Through this modality it has been possible to increase the work area of the robot while maintaining the safety requirements necessary for human-machine coexistence.

The system has been studied from all points of view (mechanical and software) putting into practice the theories of Industry 4.0 and the Human – Machine Interaction, HMI.

Thanks to the new Cassioli system, Ajinomoto achieved a 70% production increase making the most of the available space and a significant reduction of operational accidents.



Cassioli has installed a new automatic finished product warehouse for pallet

Cassioli has developed a new automated warehouse for SACI, a major player in the field of detergents for household and professional use that operates internationally. Since 1925, the Umbrian company has had an integrated production system, ranging from collection and refining of fats to chemical saponification, up to the sale. Today the company supplies some giants of retail chains and has exports accounting for 30% of revenues in the major European countries.

SACI has chosen Cassioli for the construction of an automated warehouse for the storage of finished products placed on pallets. The customer need was to have an integrated system that would allow a pre-organization of the pallets to be shipped in the dispatch area.

The warehouse therefore had to be divided into 3 independent parts, each one provided with a stacker crane, so as to have greater flexibility and ensure continuous operation even in the event of partial damage.

The customer also requested that the existing ground warehouse be reorganized and integrated with the new automated warehouse.

Cassioli, taking into account the customer needs, designed an automatic storage system consisting of 3 ICRANE stacker cranes with pallet shuttle ISAT for multi-depth storage.

Thanks to this configuration, the 3 areas of the automated warehouse are independent and work in such a way as to guarantee the continuous operation of the system in the event of faults or when maintenance is required.

Together with the storage system, Cassioli designed and supplied handling lines consisting of automated roller and chain conveyors that manage the entry and exit of goods to/from the warehouse.

Moreover, Cassioli solution features a double entry control system capable of verifying the type of pallet and reading the bar code. This system is also able to identify coupled Düsseldorf pallets, and to ensure that service pallets (Europallet) are inserted under them before entering into the warehouse.

In addition, it was satisfied the need to connect the new automated warehouse with the existing ground warehouse, with a storage capacity of about 6.000 pallet. All this was achieved by integrating the Cassioli WMS management software with the one used by the customer.

The solution implemented by Cassioli has allowed SACI to increase storage capacity, making the most of the available surface, and to have two types of warehouses connected via software.


It should also be mentioned that the new automatic system has made it possible to speed up the production process and significantly reduce the risk of operational accidents thanks to the use of fully autonomous machines.





In this historical era where e-commerce is taking over retail sales and in which the demand is increasingly “just in time”, inventory management and knowing how to respond promptly to customer needs is strategic to determine the success or the failure of a company. Having a warehouse with high technological efficiency, able to better manage both incoming and outgoing flows of goods, and, above all, stocks, becomes the indispensable plus to be competitive in the current market.

Cassioli automated warehouses allow to combine accuracy and speed of operations in a single system: thanks to the profitable integration of stacker cranes and warehouses vertically developing, it is possible not only to reduce errors and the risk of damage to goods, but also to significantly shorten the time required to stock and prepare orders.

Cassioli offers to its customers different types of double and multi-depth warehouses, miniload warehouses for light loads, warehouses with stacker crane for pallets and euro pallets, tire and green tire warehouses and special warehouses for bulky loads such as wooden panels for the furniture industry. Compared to the standard warehouses in which manual intervention and human management is essential, automated warehouses reach higher levels of reliability, thanks to the complete traceability of the products and the total control over each phase of the physical and computerized flow, characterizing both internal and external logistics.

It is also important to underline the fact that the software supplied by Cassioli complete the system and permit an advanced warehouse management: the automated warehouse is in fact integrated with all the other company functions, such as automatic picking systems, creation of a real-time inventory and continuous inventory control. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, double-depth or even multi-depth warehouses, thanks to the work carried out by satellite and stacker crane, guarantee an intensive use of surfaces and volumes, allowing to store large quantities of goods even in spaces limited in size.


Undoubtedly, another element to take into consideration is the saving of both economic and human resources. In fact, when we talk about automated warehouses, we also refer to all those working environments that do not need lighting or heating inside the buildings intended to storage, because of the machines working automatically and often remotely.

This occurs especially in particular environments, such as in the Food and Pharma industry, where it is often necessary to use refrigerated warehouses that keep the room temperature unchanged and constant. In addition to a greater safety for products, the automation of incoming and outgoing operations represents improved safety for workers, who otherwise would have found themselves operating in difficult and potentially risky conditions for their health.

Furthermore, the productivity and precision of the entire warehouse operations increase considerably, as the machines can operate over long shifts, even during holidays and without night interruptions: the so-called “dead times” are thus reset and the storage, handling and order preparation operations significantly shortened.


We can therefore say that investing in an automated warehouse brings numerous benefits to modern companies, including:

  • Maximum exploitation of available surfaces
  • Greater organization and production efficiency
  • Significant reduction of company operating costs
  • Reduction of personnel and re-assignment to more qualified operations
  • Greater control over the incoming / outgoing flows of goods and inventory monitoring
  • Reduction of errors
  • Greater flexibility
  • Real-time inventory
  • 24/7 operation, even in harsh environments (e.g. refrigerated warehouses)


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