Cassioli has recently joined Workplace Health Promotion (WHP), a program promoted by the Tuscany Region in collaboration with the Local Health Authority, aimed at preventing and promoting health in occupational settings.

The concept of Health Promotion in the workplace assumes that a company not only implements all measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases but also commits to providing its employees with opportunities to improve their health by reducing general risk factors and, in particular, those most involved in the development of chronic diseases.

Workplaces that promote health, for example, encourage and promote physical activity, provide opportunities to quit smoking, promote healthy eating, and implement measures to improve well-being at work and outside of work.

Cassioli is pleased to participate in this initiative, with a new philosophy in which work environments become spaces for health education and where the adoption of healthy behaviors, from nutrition to active lifestyles, is encouraged.

The thematic areas of the WHP project will be as follows:

  • Promotion of proper nutrition
  • Combating tobacco smoking
  • Promotion of physical activity
  • Promotion of road safety and sustainable mobility
  • Combating harmful alcohol consumption and other dependencies
  • Promotion of occupational well-being and work-life balance
  • Interventions to promote adherence to vaccination plans, cancer screenings, and environmental/resource protection.

It is a challenging and highly important program aimed at promoting the psychophysical well-being of employees and, consequently, that of the surrounding community.


EuroWaga 2023, the ACI EUROPE/WORLD Assembly, Conference, and Exhibition, will take place in Barcelona, Spain. It represents a unique opportunity to showcase products and services to key decision-makers in the global airport and aviation community.

Cassioli will be one of the exhibitors participating in the exhibition at the Barcelona Congress Center, along with other members of ACI EUROPE/WORLD.

In addition to showcasing its products and services, Cassioli will have the opportunity to participate in numerous conferences featuring high-level speakers from airports, airlines, and aviation institutions worldwide.

Through its Airport Division, dedicated to airport logistics, Cassioli provides automated systems for baggage handling and sorting in the hold, as well as inspection systems for carry-on luggage. Cassioli’s equipment, equipped with the most advanced technologies on the market and with fully in-house know-how, allows for customized solutions based on the specific needs of each airport, optimizing the work of operators and speeding up flows, while also paying attention to the ergonomics and usability of its machinery. Cassioli is present with its installations in numerous airports worldwide and offers innovative systems for effective baggage handling and control.

Cassioli will be present at EuroWaga from June 26th to 28th, 2023, at the Barcelona Congress Center, Barcelona, Spain.


We are proud to announce that Cassioli Polska has been awarded the Forbes Diamond for the second year in a row; this is an important recognition that Forbes, in collaboration with ING Group, assigns every year to the Łódź area companies that stand out for their growth and quality.
The award collected by the Managing Director of Cassioli Polska Mario Roghi, recognizes the company’s commitment to supplying high quality products and to pursuing constant growth over the years, reaching important milestones and exceeding market expectations.
With this award Cassioli Polska also celebrates the important transition from small to medium-sized enterprise, winning as a medium-sized company (proceeds 50-250 million PLN).
We would like to thank all that contributed to this important recognition. We will continue to work with passion and determination to reach new goals and to deliver the highest value to our customers and business partners.







Preparing orders in the most correct, fast, and precise manner not only affects business efficiency but also the level of service offered to the customer. That is why picking systems have become a significant lever for competitiveness, especially in a modern context where important factors such as order accuracy, availability, delivery speed, and precision need to be taken into account.

The composition of an order involves grouping certain items, materials, and components in preparation for shipment to logistics centers or for specific processing in a production cycle. For these operations, it is essential to rely on an automated warehouse equipped with an efficient picking system. Picking refers to all operations involving the movement of goods, whether it be picking or loading: this merchandise can be picked from a shelf as a single unit or as a pallet, systematically monitoring all inflows and outflows from the warehouse through seamless integration between logistics and computer systems. This allows for important inventory control, thanks to an up-to-date overview of the constantly updated warehouse.

A company that invests in an automated distribution center increases the speed and accuracy of many processes that were previously carried out by humans, with greater risks to both the safety of people and the goods themselves.

A highly automated distribution center offers several significant advantages for companies, such as:

  • Greater speed and efficiency: Automation reduces the time required to perform distribution activities. Automated systems can handle demanding processes like organization, handling, and packaging of goods much faster than manual labor. This leads to faster product delivery to customers and overall operational efficiency.
  • Fewer errors and greater precision: Automated systems reduce the risk of human errors in the distribution process and can be programmed to perform specific tasks accurately and consistently, minimizing picking, packaging, or labeling errors. This results in more precise delivery of the correct products to customers.
  • Space optimization: A highly automated distribution center can optimize the use of available space. Automated systems can employ technologies such as vertical storage systems, robots, or conveyors to maximize storage space and minimize empty spaces. This allows for handling a larger volume of goods within the same space or reducing the physical size of the distribution center.
  • Efficient inventory management: Automation facilitates more precise and detailed inventory management. Automated systems can track every product movement within the distribution center, providing better visibility of stock. This helps prevent overstocking or product shortages, enabling more accurate inventory planning and reducing costs associated with capital immobilization.
  • Adaptability to demand fluctuations: A highly automated distribution center can quickly adapt to demand fluctuations. Automated systems can handle peaks in activity without the need to significantly increase the workforce. This allows for maintaining operational continuity even during periods of high demand or special promotions, improving customer satisfaction and reducing waiting times.
  • Long-term reduction in operating costs: Although initial investments in automation may be significant, automation of distribution centers can reduce overall operating costs in the long run. Automated systems require less labor and can operate continuously, reducing costs related to labor, insurance, training, and general expenses associated with personnel management.

Cassioli offers specific automated systems for distribution centers, with picking solutions equipped with different technologies, each compatible with specific needs and different production scenarios. Distribution centers and picking systems differ from each other in terms of performance and operational methodology.

For each distribution center, a preliminary logical understanding of the design process is always necessary in relation to the contextual data:

  • Key information about the article (Stock Keeping Unit): dimensions, type of load unit, weight, article per box, box per layer, layer per pallet, etc.
  • Order statistics, order lines, order seasonality

Cassioli offers different picking systems, each compatible with a specific scenario. In certain cases, the solution can be represented by the joint adoption of different solutions.

Fispal Tecnologia 2022, 27-30 June 2023, Sao Paulo-Brazil

Cassioli Brasil will once again take part in Fispal Tecnologia, the most important trade fair in South America dedicated to the food and beverage sector.

Thanks to its innovative automatic systems, Cassioli supplies numerous solutions for modern industries dedicated to the production of agri-food products: automatic warehouses and low temperature automatic warehouses, automatic handling systems, conveyors and much more.

Cassioli develops cutting-edge automation solutions, carefully designed according to customer needs and implemented with the best technologies, accelerating production and delivery times and preserving product quality at all stages.

Come and find out more about our automatic systems at FISPAL Tecnologia! We look forward to seeing you in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 27 to 30 June 2023, booth #D016.

Guests included the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, the councillor for manufacturing Leonardo Marras and the mayor of Torrita, Giacomo Grazi

Cassioli blew out the candles on its 80th birthday with a huge party, held in the very factory where the company began back in 1943.

The new production area, built in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, was dressed for the occasion with a stage, lighting and a catering service, turning the factory into a genuine events space.

The evening opened with a display by the Torrita band of drummers and flag-throwers, followed by the company’s president Paolo Cassioli, who welcomed the guests.

The stage was then taken by Torrita mayor Giacomo Grazi and the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, who thanked Cassioli for the invitation, and above all for being a solid business and a source of pride for the whole of Tuscany.

The party continued with music and fun with Alessandro Paci and Mago Kagliostro, who entertained the guests with comic sketches and magic tricks.

A wonderful evening was enjoyed by employees, representatives of Cassioli’s foreign branches, the company’s main stakeholders and local politicians and institutions.

Among delicious food, music and great company, the key moment of the evening was when Marcello, Paolo and Carlo Cassioli, honorary president, president and CEO respectively, gave an overview of Cassioli’s 80-year story and thanked all the guests and employees who have contributed to the company’s success. There were plenty of moving moments during their speeches, such as the emotional memories of the founders Bernardino and Ideale Cassioli, who started the company during the Second World War.

 “Cassioli today is an international company, it’s true”, said CEO Carlo Cassioli. “We work with customers and partners from all over the world on a daily basis… but throughout it all, if there’s something our company has never abandoned, it’s our birthplace. We decided to keep our headquarters right here, where the company was born, grew up and developed over the years. We don’t want to be one of those businesses that get rich and then move their entire production away, to the detriment of the local area and the community; we like to create value in the area, provide work for the people who live here, whose families are here, who want to bring up their children here”.

The company has numerous ongoing and recently completed projects, like its joint venture with the multinational SACMI, a preview of which was presented during the evening. With SACMI – world leader in advanced technologies for the ceramics, plastics, food & beverage and packaging sectors – the company has launched SacmiCassioli Intralogistics, offering innovative solutions for the management, control and optimisation of flows of materials and data within the factory.

The party also included the prize-giving for the ten suppliers who received “Gold Supplier” awards for making the Cassioli production chain even more excellent, sustainable and innovative in terms of key parameters like quality, reliability, strategic importance, turnover, sustainability and attitude to innovation.

The evening concluded with the traditional cutting of the cake by the Cassioli board members, accompanied by music and a toast by all the guests.

It’s been 80 years of targeted goals, changes and decisions, some of them bold; 80 years of constant effort and plenty of satisfaction”, said company president Paolo Cassioli. “However, we want to see this anniversary as merely a stage on the journey we’ve embarked upon, and we’re sure there are many more to come, with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that have motivated us from the outset.

Now in its third generation, Cassioli – which currently has over 400 employees – operates four factories around the world (Italy, Brazil, Poland and the USA), and its products and services meet the needs of customers in a range of sectors, from intralogistics and manufacturing to airports and tyres.

80 years of operation at the Torrita headquarters are further proof that Cassioli is firmly anchored in its place of origin, despite its strong growth in the past 10 years and its major expansion overseas.







Today’s international uncertainty and the economic crisis of the last few years, first due to the Covid-19 pandemic and then the Russian-Ukrainian war, have led to inevitable supply problems for all industries.

Bottlenecks in supply chains are complicating life for many companies, including those in the automation sector, which are experiencing numerous supply problems.

The worst implications arise in the spare parts replacement cycle.

When a machine or piece of equipment breaks down, the main enemy to be reckoned with is time: the productivity of workers decreases more and more as the amount of time the machine is idle increases. If you do not already have the components you need to repair the equipment, you can hardly hope for downtime to be limited to two or three hours.

Plants with high levels of automation require extraordinary attention from a management point of view, since in the event of anomalies or breakdowns, sudden stoppages may occur, with inevitable drops in production or, in the most serious cases, total plant shutdowns.

It is therefore important to carefully manage the supply of spare parts so that slowdowns and production stoppages can be dealt with promptly.

How can we help you?

Our experts know your plant inside out and can help you select the most useful spare parts so that you can be sure of prompt action and the shortest possible time to restore your machinery.

Act now to stop production stoppages!

Tire Technology Expo 2023, 21-23 March 2023, Hannover- Germany

The most important European exhibition dedicated to the world of tires is back. Cassioli is once again one of the protagonists of the fair with its “Tire Division“, the division specialized in handling and storage systems for tyres, green tires and raw materials.

In fact, Cassioli confirms itself as a partner of the main tire manufacturers thanks to cutting-edge automation solutions, carefully designed and implemented with the best technologies that make it possible to obtain the maximum return from tire processing, accelerating production and delivery times and preserving product quality at all stages.

Come and discover Cassioli systems at Tire Technology! We look forward to seeing you in Hanover, from 21 to 23 March 2023, stand 8076, Deutsche Messe Messegelände.


Cassioli wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Cassioli Group, which won the tender for the construction of the new arrivals hall at Alghero Airport, put the BHS system into operation in full compliance with the scheduled times.

The new arrivals hall at the airport is now equipped with 3 latest generation baggage reclaim “carousels”, equipped with the new energy saving systems and with special software that ensures the optimization of energy use.

At the same time, the departures system, already supplied by Cassioli, will also be updated to optimize performance and consumption.

In this way, the entire BHS of Alghero Airport will be ready to better manage the large flow of passengers expected for the new 2023 Summer Season.


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