In this historical era where e-commerce is taking over retail sales and in which the demand is increasingly “just in time”, inventory management and knowing how to respond promptly to customer needs is strategic to determine the success or the failure of a company. Having a warehouse with high technological efficiency, able to better manage both incoming and outgoing flows of goods, and, above all, stocks, becomes the indispensable plus to be competitive in the current market.

Cassioli automated warehouses allow to combine accuracy and speed of operations in a single system: thanks to the profitable integration of stacker cranes and warehouses vertically developing, it is possible not only to reduce errors and the risk of damage to goods, but also to significantly shorten the time required to stock and prepare orders.

Cassioli offers to its customers different types of double and multi-depth warehouses, miniload warehouses for light loads, warehouses with stacker crane for pallets and euro pallets, tire and green tire warehouses and special warehouses for bulky loads such as wooden panels for the furniture industry. Compared to the standard warehouses in which manual intervention and human management is essential, automated warehouses reach higher levels of reliability, thanks to the complete traceability of the products and the total control over each phase of the physical and computerized flow, characterizing both internal and external logistics.

It is also important to underline the fact that the software supplied by Cassioli complete the system and permit an advanced warehouse management: the automated warehouse is in fact integrated with all the other company functions, such as automatic picking systems, creation of a real-time inventory and continuous inventory control. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, double-depth or even multi-depth warehouses, thanks to the work carried out by satellite and stacker crane, guarantee an intensive use of surfaces and volumes, allowing to store large quantities of goods even in spaces limited in size.


Undoubtedly, another element to take into consideration is the saving of both economic and human resources. In fact, when we talk about automated warehouses, we also refer to all those working environments that do not need lighting or heating inside the buildings intended to storage, because of the machines working automatically and often remotely.

This occurs especially in particular environments, such as in the Food and Pharma industry, where it is often necessary to use refrigerated warehouses that keep the room temperature unchanged and constant. In addition to a greater safety for products, the automation of incoming and outgoing operations represents improved safety for workers, who otherwise would have found themselves operating in difficult and potentially risky conditions for their health.

Furthermore, the productivity and precision of the entire warehouse operations increase considerably, as the machines can operate over long shifts, even during holidays and without night interruptions: the so-called “dead times” are thus reset and the storage, handling and order preparation operations significantly shortened.


We can therefore say that investing in an automated warehouse brings numerous benefits to modern companies, including:

  • Maximum exploitation of available surfaces
  • Greater organization and production efficiency
  • Significant reduction of company operating costs
  • Reduction of personnel and re-assignment to more qualified operations
  • Greater control over the incoming / outgoing flows of goods and inventory monitoring
  • Reduction of errors
  • Greater flexibility
  • Real-time inventory
  • 24/7 operation, even in harsh environments (e.g. refrigerated warehouses)


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