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On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2022 the first edition of the Padel Cassioli Tournament took place, which saw the participation of 16 teams in pairs in a group tournament.

The tournament was won by the couple Andrea Gengaroli and Luigi Falsini, who overtook the duo made up of Luca Scalacci and Simone Tremiti in the final. In third place went Alessandro Monaci and Marco Pietrelli.

Cassioli, in the role of its CEO Carlo Cassioli, with this initiative confirms once again the interest in the promotion of sport in all its forms as a moment of sharing, well-being and an opportunity for shared collective union.

Strongly thanking all the participants who have contributed to making these two days special with their presence, Cassioli gives you an appointment next year for the Second Edition!

Cassioli’s Brazilian branch celebrated this important milestone with a party attended by employees, customers and suppliers.

The celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Cassioli Brasil – Brazilian branch of the Cassioli Group, which opened in Jundiaí in 2002 – ended just a few hours ago.

Born to meet the needs of the Central and South American market, over the years Cassioli Brasil expanded day after day and now has become a reference for customers in South America and beyond.

In 25 years of activity, the Brazilian company has provided many jobs and today counts almost 100 employees and commercial partners in various South and Central American countries.

The party was attended by the Cassioi management board, all employees, and numerous guests, including customers, suppliers, and friends and family.

Partygoers enjoyed good food, music, and great company. Celebrations ended with the “Gold Supplier” awards to the best 10 suppliers and the presentation of commemorative plates to employees who worked at the Jundiaí branch for 25 years, in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the company.

“When I arrived in Brazil, Jundiaí was the best place to invest and that decision is still proving to be right” – said Carlo Cassioli, CEO of the Group, after thanking all present for their participation. “Today, 25 years later, Cassioli Brasil can look back on a brilliant past made of sacrifices but also of great satisfactions for the successes and targets reached. But there is more to come. We look to the future with hope and our objective is to further strengthen our position on the South American market. To this end we have already started work to double our production plant and our firm intention is to invest more in the country”.

Quality, efficiency, and swift response to customer requests is what makes Cassioli Brasil a successful and consolidated presence on the market and is also the reason why big names such as Colgate, Unilever, Tramontina, Leroy Merlin, Whirlpool and many others are among its customers.

Today, the Brazilian branch can count on a competent team of professionals of the automation sector, from technicians to engineers, including commercial and new professional figures who year after year contribute to further improving and growing the company.

It was an intense and emotional day that greatly satisfied organizers and met everyone’s expectations: hoping that this may be just the start and that there will soon be more occasions to celebrate and share special moments like this, we thank all participants who with their contribution allowed Cassioli Brasil to become what it is today.


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Cassioli Brazil office in Jundiaí, our CEO Carlo Cassioli met the Prefect of Jundiaí Luiz Fernando Machado.

During the meeting, our CEO presented and defined the terms of the expansion of the production plant of the Brazilian headquarters in Cassioli, which will lead to a doubling of production capacity and therefore to new jobs for the country.

With this important project, which we hope will bring a lifeblood for the development of the entire territory of Jundiaí, Cassioli confirms itself as a solid company with a great international scope, which will thus guarantee greater productivity for the company, in order to better respond. to the needs of customers in Central and South America and beyond.

Fispal Tecnologia 2022, June 21-24, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cassioli Brasil will take part in the most important exhibition in South America dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector.

Thanks to its innovative automatic systems, Cassioli provides numerous solutions for modern industries dedicated to the production of agri-food products: automatic warehouses and automatic warehouses at low temperatures, automatic handling systems, conveyors and much more.

Cassioli design cutting-edge automation solutions, carefully designed according to customer needs and implemented with the best technologies on the market, accelerating production and delivery times and preserving product quality at all stages.

Come and find out more about our automatic systems at FISPAL Tecnologia! We are waiting for you in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 21 to 24 June 2022, stand #D016


Cassioli Polska was awarded the Diamentów Forbesa, an important recognition that Forbes and ING Groep assigned to some companies in Lodz.

The award received by the Managing Director of Cassioli Polska, Mario Roghi, was presented by Robert Olesiński, Regional Director for Corporate Affairs of the Poznań Region, who congratulated the entrepreneurs on the competitiveness and international vocation of these companies.

Cassioli Polska has distinguished itself as one of the small-medium enterprises of the Lodz voivodeship which obtained revenue up to 50 million PLN, such that the region ranks sixth in Poland in terms of gross domestic product generated.

Once again a very important recognition which underlines the solidity and growth of the Cassioli Group even beyond national borders.






Cassioli was awarded in Rome, in the Aula Magna of the Luiss Guido Carli University, as the best large company for management performance and Cerved financial reliability in the province of Siena.

The event was attended by 90 joint-stock companies based in Central Italy, which were awarded the High Budget Honor on the occasion of the 41st event of the Felix Industry Award.

The companies were chosen by a qualified Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Cesare Pozzi, Professor of Industrial Economics at Luiss, according to an incontrovertible algorithm of competitiveness relating to the income statement, the financial reliability indicated by the Cerved Group Score Impact and an average of employees not lower than that of the previous year.

The Industria Felix award, founded by the journalist Michele Montemurro and organized by Industria Felix Magazine, is developed on the basis of a maxi survey on the 2020 financial statements of 700,000 joint-stock companies carried out in collaboration with the Cerved Group Research Department.

The coveted award for Cassioli was received by the CEO, Carlo Cassioli, and Mascia Romani, Administrative Manager, who said they were proud of the recognition that enhances the investment plan and business activities of our Company with foresight and courage towards the future.


The new warehouse for Cosentino, leader for design surfaces, has been installed in Cantoria

Cassioli crosses once again national borders with the project realized in Spain for Cosentino Group. The Spanish multinational company, which produces and distributes innovative and sustainable surfaces for the world of design and architecture, turned to Cassioli to fully automate the logistics of the Silestone® and DEKTON® systems.

The project, in addition to the automatic warehouse, included the creation of an automatic system dedicated to the collection of the slabs from the production lines, their transport and the integrated management of the distribution center with ERP / SAP of Cosentino, which also managed the planning and preparation of loads before shipment.

The customer requested that the automated warehouse for the storage of finished products be divided into 6 independent parts, each equipped with a stacker crane, in order to guarantee greater flexibility in the event of damage or partial blocking of the system; the handling area had to be composed of 4 independent areas with sawhorses for the slabs.


The project was designed from the outset as a modular installation: there were built 2 blocks with 3 stacker cranes each and 4 automatic preparation points for slabs. Cosentino requested to treat each slab in a unique way, in order to have a total traceability of each of them and of the information contained within them (barcode), i.e. production, storage and shipping parameters.

After a careful analysis of Cosentino’s needs, Cassioli designed an automated warehouse 4,500 square meters wide and 32 meters high, with a capacity of 11,500 packages, equipped with 9 stacker cranes (load capacity up to 3,500 kg). Entrances and exits to the warehouse can be carried out on two levels, while the preparation of orders takes place at level 0, through automatic systems specially designed for Cosentino processes.

The packages arrive from the production lines through automatic conveyors and SLS shuttles, then they are directed to a shape and data control system (automatic reading of all the bar codes), which verifies their suitability.

If the system detects that the package is correct in all its parameters, it continues the path, otherwise it is rejected and submitted to the control of the Cassioli software. Once the parcel reaches the front of the warehouse, it is directed to a specific warehouse through SLS system (Shuttle Loop System) to the entry position, where it is picked up by the stacker crane designated by the Cassioli WMS software.

When a package is required for the preparation of a specific order, it is picked up by the stacker crane in the warehouse and then placed in the special order preparation area by means of shuttles, to give greater flexibility and ensure that all packages can be addressed to any preparation area.

The system takes the slabs one by one following the specific sequence requested in the loading order; in the event that there are slabs in excess, the load returns to the warehouse and the slabs are grouped in a new load, always automatically.

Once ready, the load is taken to an automatic strapping station and then made available to the LGV (Laser Guided Vehicles) to be placed in a temporary buffer or to be loaded directly onto the truck, through the automatic loading system.

Besides the warehouse, Cassioli has created a handling system for Cosentino consisting of chain conveyors, roller conveyors and specific tilting devices for slabs. The handling system is integrated with elevators for slabs and packs and with special manipulators for slab preparation, that handle one slab at a time.

Every single slab is coded and traced thanks to a special system that allows to record specific data and dimensions. The entire Cosentino distribution center is managed by ERP / SAP software, perfectly integrated with the Cassioli management software that manages all devices and machinery for a complete warehouse automation.

Thanks to the synergy developed between the Cosentino designers and the Cassioli experts, the new Cosentino warehouse has recorded a significant increase in storage capacity and complete traceability of all the materials handled, thanks to the perfect integration between the Cassioli management system and the software of the customer. Furthermore, it is important to point out that it was met the technological challenge of sending the slabs to the customers in the same conditions as before the automation.














Tire Distribution Centers have acquired considerable importance in the market and continue to record significant and continuous growth. This increase is linked to the numerous services they are able to offer both to the capillary network represented by retailers and to manufacturers. Distribution Centers offer different types of services, including:


  • Highly competitive purchasing conditions;
  • Exclusive projects based on customer needs;
  • Marketing strategy to support the reseller’s business;
  • Assistance through the manufacturers;
  • Agreements with partner suppliers.


  • Daily delivery;
  • Bi-daily delivery;
  • Direct collection at warehouses.

Guided purchase support:

  • B2B;
  • Customer support;
  • Sales support;
  • Call Center.

The growing market demand is pushing more and more Tire Distribution Centers towards a path of business process innovation, moving from semi-automatic distribution systems to fully automated systems.

The Cassioli company, which boasts 80 years of experience in industrial automation, as well as an internal Tire Division representing the fastest growing business sector, has decided to invest heavily in the world of tire distribution, creating a research and development department dedicated to the study of specific automatic systems for pneumatic distribution centers.

Cassioli has designed, built and patented automatic systems capable of significantly increasing the productivity and storage capacity of distribution centers, drastically reducing the number of errors compared to semi-automatic systems, in which manual operations are more numerous and more complex compared to fully automated systems.

Below are some features of the Cassioli automatic systems:

  • Automatic identification and control of tires entering the system;
  • Storage inside automatic warehouses especially designed to optimize space capacity;
  • Fast and reliable recovery system for goods to be shipped, with logics taking into account the analyzed outgoing flows;
  • Fully customizable automatic labeling systems;
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-manage vehicle loading systems.

Companies that turn to Cassioli for the construction of an automated system, can take advantage of a 360 ° service for the construction of turnkey systems.

For each project Cassioli follows each of these phases:

  • Feasibility analysis (project analysis; data analysis; preliminary studies; cost estimation);
  • Engineering (project; simulation; planning; design);
  • Production (mechanical component; electrical component; software; testing);
  • Project management (procurement management; installation; cost control, quality control; management system);
  • Customer Service (analysis; training; maintenance; technical support; revamping).


The postal operator Poczta Polska has chosen Cassioli for the supply of special carousels for parcels and large objects

In order to optimize logistics processes and increase its services, Poczta Polska has decided to invest in Cassioli automatic systems to improve its offer and thus adapt the processes to customer expectations. The Polish postal operator asked Cassioli Polska to design a ring-shaped conveyor system, very similar in design to that of airport baggage carousels, to support the sorting of oversized shipments. The device will guarantee a much more efficient management, reaching up to 20,000 shipments per day. It is a proven solution that has been operating successfully since last year in Komorniki, near Poznań, and in Zabrze, enabling faster and more efficient shipment processing.

Poczta Polska therefore continues to invest in the automation of logistics processes, according to the development strategy adopted on the CEP market (Couriers, Express and Parcels): the company will in fact allocate approximately PLN 2.5 million for this purpose.

Automation of Poczta Polska is one of the key activities included in the company’s strategy for the three-year period 2021-2023. The investments represent a response to the development of the e-commerce sector, which has significantly increased its share in the market. The upgrades will have a positive impact on the efficiency of handling the growing volume of parcels; A new sorting system has already been installed at the Niepołomice plant and by the end of February these devices will also be installed in Pruszcz Gdański, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

Cassioli once again stands out as a provider of cutting-edge automation solutions, capable of responding to the needs of the most diverse market sectors. Thanks to the internal know-how acquired in over 70 years of activity and the development of patented solutions, Cassioli develops modern and highly efficient technologies, allowing the customer to obtain customized and highly performing systems.


Tire Technology Expo 2022, 18-20 May 2022, Hannover- Germany

After one year break due to Covid-19 pandemic, the most important European tire technology exhibition is back. Cassioli is once again one of the exhibitors represented by its “Tire Division“, the company division specialized in handling and storage systems for tires, green tires and raw materials.

In fact, Cassioli confirms itself once again as a partner of the main tire manufacturers thanks to cutting-edge automation solutions, carefully designed and implemented with the best technologies, so to guarantee the best result from tire processing, accelerating production and delivery times and preserving the product quality at all stages.

At the Tire Technology Expo Cassioli will present a new storage system, the Multilevel Shuttle, made up of individual mini stacker cranes with reduced dimensions, but capable of achieving higher performance than traditional stacker cranes for material storage / recovery.

Come and find out more about the new Multilevel Shuttle Cassioli at Tire Technology! We look forward to seeing you in Hanover, from 18 to 20 May 2022, booth 9062, Deutsche Messe Messegelände.


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