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The importance of automation in the pharmaceutical industry chain.

The efficiency of the production system within pharmaceutical companies is a fundamental aspect to ensure rapid and timely distribution of products. Medicines must be produced in a completely safe environment and above all they must be traceable, in order to guarantee compliance with standards and rapid response to the orders placed.

The automatic warehouses developed by Cassioli are strategic and able to ensure not only high productivity for pharmaceutical companies thanks to the correct storage of raw materials, but also the complete traceability of the latter and the drugs themselves.

The use of automated systems for handling and storage of sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals undoubtedly requires systems with a high level of efficiency and great attention to safeguarding the quality and safety standards.

The pharmaceutical sector also requires strong control over incoming and outgoing materials, which sometimes require special conditions, such as low temperatures.

An automatic warehouse for the pharmaceutical sector may, for example, need specific devices for temperature control, as the products need to be kept within precise ranges to preserve their quality and therefore their effectiveness in absolute terms.

In addition to automatic warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry it is fundamental the use of cobots (collaborative robots) which allow to significantly accelerate production processes in small spaces and with numerous functions.

Robots and cobots can in fact be used not only in the production line, but also for the packaging of goods, for the preparation of orders and for the preparation of shipments to end customers.

The collaborative robot performs repetitive tasks with little added value: delicate in its movements, it manipulates the packaging of medicines by setting up the orders sent by pharmacies; moreover, it does not need large spaces for maneuver, but can operate safely in confined spaces. The robot therefore guarantees a reduction in product costs and standardization of the quality of work, as well as extreme ease of installation.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and with the worsening of the health emergency, pharmaceutical companies have increasingly felt the strong need to react promptly to the demand for hospitals and pharmacies: thanks to automation it has been possible to maintain high productivity even in environments where manpower had necessarily failed. Thanks to industrial automation, in fact, the plants were able to work 24/7 autonomously.

Pharmaceutical companies have thus been able to ensure continuity in the supply of individual protective devices and drugs of primary importance, without losing sight of the objectives of efficiency and preserving the health of the operators.

Cassioli, a leading company in the automation sector, has been the official supplier of the most important Italian and international pharmaceutical companies for many years: an example of this is the numerous collaborations with companies of the caliber of IBSA, Estar and Novartis.

Cassioli offers the customer customized automatic systems for every type of need, from the storage of raw materials and medicines – also for sub-zero temperatures – to automatic handling and servicing systems for production lines, up to packaging and preparation orders, providing cutting-edge machinery capable of guaranteeing speed, precision and safety at every stage of the production process.

AENA, the company responsible for Spanish airports and air navigation, after the works carried out at the airports of Madrid, Santiago and Seville, chooses again Cassioli as a partner for hand baggage control operations through the innovative Fast2Check Cassioli; this will ensure high safety standards and, in addition, will be able to optimize space and speed up the flow of passengers, significantly improving both the travel experience and the airport staff operations.

The Cassioli systems for the automatic management of trays at security gates and their return (ATRS) will therefore be part of the renewal plan of Terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport and will be installed in the new departure area. It will be placed a total of 25 new Fast2Check lines with lengths up to 24 meters. The 25 lines will be divided into 18 Fast2Check Advanced and 7 Fast2Check Easy, already prepared for the installation of the new x-ray computed tomography machines (category C3).

The installation of the new Fast2Check will guarantee important advantages from a safety point of view thanks to the innovative sorting line for suspicious baggage, which will allow the selection of rejected baggage, that is not compliant with safety regulations, in a rapid and completely automatic way; this will also allow the automatic transport of them in a section of the line, intended for more detailed checks or for reconciliation with the passenger.

The innovative design of the lines uses highly technological materials that gives antibacterial and even antiviral properties thanks to the ability of photocatalysis, besides allowing to obtain hygiene certifications (the tests carried out have also confirmed the ability to eliminate coronaviruses such as covid 19).

Ajinomoto is a Japanese multinational manufacturer founded in 1909 in Tokyo that produces condiments, cooking oils, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

In order to optimize the production of SAZÓN® seasonings, top brand in sales of the category, Ajinomoto turned to Cassioli for the realization of an automatic system dedicated to the palletization of the boxes of products coming from the different 9 production lines with the need to palletize each of these 9 lines separately in their respective pallets. The plant involved in the new automated plant was in Limeira, one of the company’s four industrial plants, located in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The reduced spaces and the need for a solution that could coexist with the human operator led Cassioli to develop a system based on collaborative robots capable of automating and speeding up the most repetitive processes.

Through this modality it has been possible to increase the work area of the robot while maintaining the safety requirements necessary for human-machine coexistence.

The system has been studied from all points of view (mechanical and software) putting into practice the theories of Industry 4.0 and the Human – Machine Interaction, HMI.

Thanks to the new Cassioli system, Ajinomoto achieved a 70% production increase making the most of the available space and a significant reduction of operational accidents.



Cassioli has installed a new automatic finished product warehouse for pallet

Cassioli has developed a new automated warehouse for SACI, a major player in the field of detergents for household and professional use that operates internationally. Since 1925, the Umbrian company has had an integrated production system, ranging from collection and refining of fats to chemical saponification, up to the sale. Today the company supplies some giants of retail chains and has exports accounting for 30% of revenues in the major European countries.

SACI has chosen Cassioli for the construction of an automated warehouse for the storage of finished products placed on pallets. The customer need was to have an integrated system that would allow a pre-organization of the pallets to be shipped in the dispatch area.

The warehouse therefore had to be divided into 3 independent parts, each one provided with a stacker crane, so as to have greater flexibility and ensure continuous operation even in the event of partial damage.

The customer also requested that the existing ground warehouse be reorganized and integrated with the new automated warehouse.

Cassioli, taking into account the customer needs, designed an automatic storage system consisting of 3 ICRANE stacker cranes with pallet shuttle ISAT for multi-depth storage.

Thanks to this configuration, the 3 areas of the automated warehouse are independent and work in such a way as to guarantee the continuous operation of the system in the event of faults or when maintenance is required.

Together with the storage system, Cassioli designed and supplied handling lines consisting of automated roller and chain conveyors that manage the entry and exit of goods to/from the warehouse.

Moreover, Cassioli solution features a double entry control system capable of verifying the type of pallet and reading the bar code. This system is also able to identify coupled Düsseldorf pallets, and to ensure that service pallets (Europallet) are inserted under them before entering into the warehouse.

In addition, it was satisfied the need to connect the new automated warehouse with the existing ground warehouse, with a storage capacity of about 6.000 pallet. All this was achieved by integrating the Cassioli WMS management software with the one used by the customer.

The solution implemented by Cassioli has allowed SACI to increase storage capacity, making the most of the available surface, and to have two types of warehouses connected via software.


It should also be mentioned that the new automatic system has made it possible to speed up the production process and significantly reduce the risk of operational accidents thanks to the use of fully autonomous machines.





An innovative automatic system for the handling and storage of raw materials has been installed at the Empoli production site

Cassioli realized the new automated warehouse of Sammontana, one of the most important Italian food companies, specialized in the production of ice cream and frozen croissants. The Italian company, founded in Empoli in 1946, where it is still based, holds 20% of the Italian industrial ice cream market and about 40% of the frozen croissant market.

For its main office, Sammontana turned to Cassioli for the construction of an automated warehouse for raw materials within a new rhomboid-shaped building area. The real challenge for our company was to design an automated warehouse making the most of the available space, difficult to manage because of the peculiar shape.

Thanks to the acquired know-how and the investment on the research of increasingly advanced, sustainable and modular technologies, over the years Cassioli has in fact become one of the leading companies in industrial automation for Food & Beverage, with customized solutions for the storage and the handling of products and semi-finished products, capable of perfectly adapting to any type of environment.

After a careful analysis of Sammontana needs, Cassioli designed a storage system consisting of 4 double-depth stacker cranes and a special ICRANE stacker crane with ISAT pallet shuttle, which made possible to make the most of the usable space thanks to the multi-depth storage of pallets.


In addition to the automated warehouse, Cassioli has developed an efficient handling system, consisting of automatic conveyors, RGV – Rail Guided Vehicles – and special elevators that have allowed to move the pallets on different levels of the warehouse. The RGVs, which move within a closed circuit, are used with a dual function: on the one hand they allow to fill the warehouse, at the entrance, and on the other hand, to pick up the pallet, at the exit. Not just automation and storage systems.

Cassioli has also supplied Sammontana with an innovative fire-fighting system with related tank and water reserve that feeds it: specifically, a sprinkler system with internal and external hydrant network, pumping station and smoke detection systems, in accordance with the current regulations.

The partnership with Cassioli has therefore allowed Sammontana to increase storage capacity by 100%, thanks to the full exploitation of the new available area, as well as to speed up the production process and significantly reduce the risk of operational accidents due to the use of automated machinery working in full autonomy. It is also important to emphasize that all the systems installed fully meet the prerequisites of “Industry 4.0.” (control via PLC; interconnection to factory IT systems; integration with the factory logistic system; simple and intuitive man-machine interface; compliance with the latest standards in terms of safety, maintenance, service and remote control).


It is with great pleasure that we present the new Cassioli website, completely renovated in graphics and updated with new and unpublished content.

Since the foundation of our company, innovation has been the engine that has allowed us to grow, to progress and to find cutting-edge solutions to better meet the needs of our customers.

It is for this reason that we thought that this innovation should also be represented by our website, a new portal, capable of best expressing what Cassioli is now, narrating its growth, its expansion in the world and the main sectors in which it operates.

From the Home page, it is possible to have a general overview of our company: the map allows you to view the headquarters and production sites, the subsidiaries and the most important commercial partners spread across the various continents.

The most important thing, however, is the presentation of the 5 Cassioli Divisions, the main areas in which Cassioli operates. Compared to the previous site, mainly centered on intralogistics and manufacturing, our original core business, the new site presents airport, tire and service divisions, with dedicated sections that explain in detail the main aspects and systems.

Clear, exhaustive, with a user friendly navigation, as well as aesthetically appealing.

The layout chosen to represent the new Cassioli reality is modern and strong impacting, with large images and short descriptions: technical characteristics and more informations can be found downloading the related brochure.

There is also space for the Cassioli story, the softwares internally developed, the News and the “Work with Us” section.

The new Cassioli site is already available in Italian, in English and Portuguese: the other two sites in Polish and Spanish will soon be available.

A new ATRS line with the ActivePure® device for sanitizing hand luggage trays has been installed

Cassioli, always looking for innovative and cutting-edge solutions to best meet the needs of the market, on the occasion of the last year’s health emergency, promptly worked to find an effective solution in order to minimize the presence of viruses and bacteria inside airports.

Thanks to the collaboration with major universities, companies and study centers throughout Italy and beyond, our company has experimented various sanitizing methods within its production plants, subjecting them to important laboratory tests to verify their effectiveness.

One of these methods was selected by Turin-Caselle Airport for the new ATRS line, whose works began in mid-September and will be completed by the end of 2020.

The new Fast2Check Continuous Cleaning by Cassioli have been studied and tested in collaboration with MDS Srl, a company specialized in products and devices for environmental sanitation, which exploiting the innovative ActivePure® technology will allow to continuously sanitize the trays of carry-on baggage during security checks.

The trays used for objects and hand luggage during security checks will undergo a continuous sanitization process, thanks to a state-of-the-art system that will purify both the air during recirculation and the surface of the trays itself from viruses and bacteria.The ActivePure® sanitation technology installed inside Fast2Check Continuous Cleaning combines three different sanitization processes: air purification with forced air, sterilization with ozone-free UVC rays and the continuous release of 0.02 ppm hydrogen peroxide. This process allows a sanitation capacity up to 90% in a few seconds.The effectiveness of ActivePure® has been proven by several independent studies and tests and by the action demonstrated against bacteria, viruses, molds, dust and fungi in the air and on surfaces. The ActivePure® disinfection technology has also the advantage of being a 100% natural sanitation process, safe for humans because it is chemical-free and designated a Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation.Another novelty introduced in Cassioli’s Fast2Check Continuous Cleaning will concern the design, completely renewed and integrated with plexiglass to facilitate spacing and better separate one passenger from another during check-in and, in particular, at the time of luggage storage inside the trays.


A modern and completely renovated space with new furnishings and a new management system

Cassioli, which has always been very devoted to environmental protection and the well-being of its employees, is preparing to inaugurate the new company canteen, which will be inside the recently built production plant and was started and completed in less than a year, despite the interruption of work due to COVID-19.

The new canteen will be a completely renovated environment, both in terms of furniture and company philosophy, increasingly oriented to reducing waste and, in particular, the use of single-use plastic. Cassioli’s commitment to environmental protection had already started a few years ago with the separate collection of paper, plastic and cardboard both inside the offices and in production. In recent months, however, plastic has been gradually eliminated from coffee and hot beverage vending machines and replaced with compostable paper cups and biodegradable stir sticks.

In other words, no more plastic coffee cups, but it doesn’t end there.

The biggest change in the new canteen will be the complete elimination of disposable plastic tableware, which will be replaced by ceramic plates and steel cutlery. Plastic bottles will be replaced by reusable stainless steel bottles, given to each employee by the company. The water bottles let people get water from the water fountains located in various parts of the building and will drastically reduce waste.

The restyling of the rooms has combined image, ecology and comfort, focusing on offering a lunch break in a pleasant, beautiful and modern environment.

With the new canteen comes a new way to reserve meals, which will be completely digitized thanks to special software designed internally by our developers. Each employee will be allowed to access and exit the premises by using their badge.

The canteen spaces, which are completely new and improved both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint, have been designed following the health guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 contagion. The seating at the tables will be more than one meter apart, and plexiglass will be installed to divide one diner from the next. An important innovation will be the Krion tabletops, a cutting-edge material that can be easily sanitized with disposable sanitizing wipes once the meal has been eaten.

Canteen shifts will be extended to avoid overcrowding and to make it easier to maintain safe distancing.

To promote energy savings and increase the share of electricity from renewable sources, photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the new industrial shed, with a latest generation system that will produce clean energy with low environmental impact.

“Our company has invested enthusiastically in the new canteen, a renovated space for employees, but also the beginning of a sustainability project that aims at reducing the use of plastics, which is currently a huge problem for the global ecosystem”, commented CEO Carlo Cassioli. “It is a small gesture which we hope will also be an example that will spread the culture of respect for the environment that surrounds us, a precious resource for all of us and for generations to come”.

Once again, Cassioli has confirmed the high standards offered to its employees in terms of quality, safety and innovation, providing a state-of-the-art environment, served by a digital reservation system that guarantees flexibility and optimal time management.

The very decision to eliminate plastic tableware and containers was an important initiative, capable of looking to the future and, in this way, also preceding the European directive that requires a ban on single-use plastics by 2021.

The new Smiths Detection X-ray machine will ensure greater security and streamlined check-in procedures

Cassioli has recently completed the installation of a new Fast2Check ATRS line for passenger check-in at Rome Fiumicino International Airport.

A big step forward for our company and for security procedures, thanks to integration with the innovative X-ray machine produced by Smiths Detection. The distinctive trait of this cutting-edge system lies in the three-dimensional scanning technology of this X-ray equipment, certified in accordance with “C3” regulations, which, compared to traditional systems, will allow passengers to carry out the usual inspection procedures without having to take anything out of their hand luggage.

But let’s take a closer look at the features of this new X-ray technology.

During security checks, airport staff usually ask passengers to remove objects such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and liquids from bags and trolleys, as well as anything else that they consider “unsuitable” for automatic identification and control with traditional X-ray machines.

The new Smiths Detection X-ray, with computed tomography technology, is able to inspect these types of objects even when they are inside hand luggage. The result is a substantial streamlining of security procedures because passenger procedures are faster due to the considerable time savings that can be achieved by not having to remove objects before going through the machine and then having to replace them inside bags at the end of the security check.

All this, with a substantial increase in security, thanks to the more effective threat detection capability of these new devices.

An important innovation for Cassioli that is completing the first installation of this new system at the airport in Rome and the first standard 3 X-ray integrated with a Fast2Check.

Cassioli, automatic handling and storage systems for the food industry


Cassioli, a leading company in the industrial automation market, has developed high technology automatic systems with high efficiencies specific for the Food & Beverage sector.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and to the investment in the search for increasingly advanced, sustainable and modular technologies, Cassioli is able to create customized solutions for the storage and handling of products and semi-finished products in the food industry, which perfectly adapt to any type of environment.

From production to assembly and  packaging to storage, Cassioli systems allow Food & Beverage companies to speed up each phase of the process, obtaining a streamlining of procedures and incredible savings in terms of time and costs.

For each food industry, Cassioli is able to design the best solution based on specific customer needs: not only automatic warehouses for the storage of raw materials and finished products, but also sections dedicated to the reception of production pallets, sorting systems and pallet handling.

As regards storage, Cassioli offers several different types of automatic systems for warehouse management, managing to speed up processes, guarantee order accuracy, availability, speed and precision of deliveries. The possibility to maximising storage space, both vertically and in multi-depth solutions, enable us to increase the space available, and thereby reduce – or completely eliminate – the need for operators designated specifically to merchandise picking and storage.

Ongoing research and the use of new technology has allowed Cassioli to develop specific systems for low temperatures, ideal for frozen products. Automated warehouses, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, can operate at temperatures from -30°C to +40°C, with minimal affect to operations and performance of the systems themselves.

In particular, the use of pallet shuttle, has vastly optimised storage space, reducing merchandise entry and exit times and increasing the overall capacity of the warehouse. Moreover, there are savings in terms of energy consumption, due to the absence of illumination inside automated warehouses, in that the machines can operate automatically and continuosly without the need for lighting.

In addition to automatic warehouses, Cassioli handling systems allow for the easy transfer of products from one area to another in a fully automated manner Conveyors and AGV ‘s are just some of the machines that allow a quick and safe transport of goods inside the work area, so improving productivity and reducing operating and labour costs. Thanks to the use of RGV and EMS, motorized shuttles that run on monorails on the ground or in suspension, it is also possible to connect the different warehouse areas with production, picking and shipping through special interface bays.

Cassoli is therefore the ideal supplier for the Food & Beverage industry, being able to manage not only the storage and handling structures, but also the management and IT system, which ensures complete traceability of  goods. The Cassioli management software is in fact able to manage all processes, from receipts to shipments.

The system thus formed will guarantee a high level of efficiency for all activities connected to the warehouse area and will allow a high flexibility in the storage structure, guaranteeing high functionality in the reception and shipping activities, while also increasing the quality and punctuality of the shipment.

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