Today’s international uncertainty and the economic crisis of the last few years, first due to the Covid-19 pandemic and then the Russian-Ukrainian war, have led to inevitable supply problems for all industries.

Bottlenecks in supply chains are complicating life for many companies, including those in the automation sector, which are experiencing numerous supply problems.

The worst implications arise in the spare parts replacement cycle.

When a machine or piece of equipment breaks down, the main enemy to be reckoned with is time: the productivity of workers decreases more and more as the amount of time the machine is idle increases. If you do not already have the components you need to repair the equipment, you can hardly hope for downtime to be limited to two or three hours.

Plants with high levels of automation require extraordinary attention from a management point of view, since in the event of anomalies or breakdowns, sudden stoppages may occur, with inevitable drops in production or, in the most serious cases, total plant shutdowns.

It is therefore important to carefully manage the supply of spare parts so that slowdowns and production stoppages can be dealt with promptly.

How can we help you?

Our experts know your plant inside out and can help you select the most useful spare parts so that you can be sure of prompt action and the shortest possible time to restore your machinery.

Act now to stop production stoppages!

Tire Technology Expo 2023, 21-23 March 2023, Hannover- Germany

The most important European exhibition dedicated to the world of tires is back. Cassioli is once again one of the protagonists of the fair with its “Tire Division“, the division specialized in handling and storage systems for tyres, green tires and raw materials.

In fact, Cassioli confirms itself as a partner of the main tire manufacturers thanks to cutting-edge automation solutions, carefully designed and implemented with the best technologies that make it possible to obtain the maximum return from tire processing, accelerating production and delivery times and preserving product quality at all stages.

Come and discover Cassioli systems at Tire Technology! We look forward to seeing you in Hanover, from 21 to 23 March 2023, stand 8076, Deutsche Messe Messegelände.


Cassioli wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Cassioli Group, which won the tender for the construction of the new arrivals hall at Alghero Airport, put the BHS system into operation in full compliance with the scheduled times.

The new arrivals hall at the airport is now equipped with 3 latest generation baggage reclaim “carousels”, equipped with the new energy saving systems and with special software that ensures the optimization of energy use.

At the same time, the departures system, already supplied by Cassioli, will also be updated to optimize performance and consumption.

In this way, the entire BHS of Alghero Airport will be ready to better manage the large flow of passengers expected for the new 2023 Summer Season.


On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2022 the first edition of the Padel Cassioli Tournament took place, which saw the participation of 16 teams in pairs in a group tournament.

The tournament was won by the couple Andrea Gengaroli and Luigi Falsini, who overtook the duo made up of Luca Scalacci and Simone Tremiti in the final. In third place went Alessandro Monaci and Marco Pietrelli.

Cassioli, in the role of its CEO Carlo Cassioli, with this initiative confirms once again the interest in the promotion of sport in all its forms as a moment of sharing, well-being and an opportunity for shared collective union.

Strongly thanking all the participants who have contributed to making these two days special with their presence, Cassioli gives you an appointment next year for the Second Edition!

Cassioli’s Brazilian branch celebrated this important milestone with a party attended by employees, customers and suppliers.

The celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Cassioli Brasil – Brazilian branch of the Cassioli Group, which opened in Jundiaí in 2002 – ended just a few hours ago.

Born to meet the needs of the Central and South American market, over the years Cassioli Brasil expanded day after day and now has become a reference for customers in South America and beyond.

In 25 years of activity, the Brazilian company has provided many jobs and today counts almost 100 employees and commercial partners in various South and Central American countries.

The party was attended by the Cassioi management board, all employees, and numerous guests, including customers, suppliers, and friends and family.

Partygoers enjoyed good food, music, and great company. Celebrations ended with the “Gold Supplier” awards to the best 10 suppliers and the presentation of commemorative plates to employees who worked at the Jundiaí branch for 25 years, in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the company.

“When I arrived in Brazil, Jundiaí was the best place to invest and that decision is still proving to be right” – said Carlo Cassioli, CEO of the Group, after thanking all present for their participation. “Today, 25 years later, Cassioli Brasil can look back on a brilliant past made of sacrifices but also of great satisfactions for the successes and targets reached. But there is more to come. We look to the future with hope and our objective is to further strengthen our position on the South American market. To this end we have already started work to double our production plant and our firm intention is to invest more in the country”.

Quality, efficiency, and swift response to customer requests is what makes Cassioli Brasil a successful and consolidated presence on the market and is also the reason why big names such as Colgate, Unilever, Tramontina, Leroy Merlin, Whirlpool and many others are among its customers.

Today, the Brazilian branch can count on a competent team of professionals of the automation sector, from technicians to engineers, including commercial and new professional figures who year after year contribute to further improving and growing the company.

It was an intense and emotional day that greatly satisfied organizers and met everyone’s expectations: hoping that this may be just the start and that there will soon be more occasions to celebrate and share special moments like this, we thank all participants who with their contribution allowed Cassioli Brasil to become what it is today.


Cassioli takes a further step forward demonstrating its ethcal committment through the application for the SA8000 Standard.
The company has always been attentive to the needs of its employees and the community and also realized a vaccination hub during the Covid-19 pandemic in its headquarters.

Through this certification, Cassioli publicly undertakes to respect and disseminate the principles of Social Responsibility, taking on its responsibilities towards the community and trying to combine economic growth and social development not only of its employees, but also of the environment and of every stakeholder.

The SA8000 (Social Accountability) is the most important international ethical standard relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies; this standard takes into consideration many requirements relating to the employment of workers and first of all health and safety in the workplace, freedom of association, working hours and remuneration in compliance with international human rights conventions.

CASSIOLI is therefore ready to give maximum transparency to its way of acting, publicly committing itself to behave correctly from a social and ethical point of view towards its workers and by asking the same commitment from supplier and subcontractors. The goal is that of giving value to people, both inside and outside the working environment, by promoting well-being, respect and all the “good practices” of the Company in terms of social responsibility.



Cassioli officialized for the third year in a row the sponsorship of SIR Safety Perugia, the men’s volleyball team of Perugia. Cassioli renews its support for the team which has already started preparing to start the season to the fullest under the guidance of the new coach Andrea Anastasi.

Cassioli, partner of SIR Safety System for many years for the use of work clothing and safety workwear for its employees, has decided to renew its support for the Block Devils putting the sponsor on the volleyball players shirts.

The “Cassioli” logo will stand out on the uniforms of the SIR Perugia team for the entire 2022/2023 season, which will start on Sunday 2 October with the Super League. We wish the team a new season full of fun, victories and a lot of satisfaction.

Our company requested the energy audit of the Torrita di Siena headquarters by ESAERG S.R.L., the energy service company certified according to the UNI CEI 11352 standard, identified by Legislative Decree no. 102 of 2014 and authorized for the preparation of such diagnoses. The diagnosis will be conducted and carried out according to the provisions of Article 8 of Legislative Decree no.102 of 2014, the reference documentation produced by ENEA and MISE and the reference technical standards, with particular regard to UNI CEI EN 16247 (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4).

The energy audit aims to provide adequate knowledge of the energy consumption profile of the entire Cassioli site (methods of use of the site, measurement and accounting of qualitative and quantitative data) by identifying and quantifying the opportunity for energy savings in terms of costs and benefits. A correct Energy Diagnosis will make it possible to understand the real share of electricity – motive+, thermal or refrigeration – that is consumed by a specific department or by “production lines”; it will essentially allow us to understand how much the heating, air conditioning, lighting or compressed air system “weighs” on the overall energy needs of the plant.

Indeed, that Diagnosis can represent the first step towards a new management approach and the rationalization of internal processes, with the aim of equipping our company with an energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard and then transforming the legislative obligation into a real opportunity for the company itself, identifying the “state of affairs” or “zero” time of the activity (in terms of energy), in order to understand how to think about efficiency measures (such as, for example, the use of LED lighting, the increase in photovoltaic production, the efficiency of the thermal power plant, the efficiency of the factory pneumatic system or the use of electric vehicles).

The energy audit will cover all the energy vectors (electric, thermal or cooling energy) used in the Torrita production site and will consider the supply, internal generation, distribution and final use of each of them; it will also consider the data from analysis and monitoring of the site’s consumption, including the fuels (diesel) used by the means of transport for goods and for Cassioli staff.

In that picture, Eng. Alessandro Bittoni, Cassioli’s QHSE Manager, together with Eng. Nicola Carboni of ESAERG





Cassioli, together with its partner Diamond Phoenix, renews its participation in IMHX, the most important event in the United Kingdom dedicated to logistics, which annually sees the participation of many suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

IMHX brings together the entire world of logistics in a single event, from the supply chain to the handling of materials and raw materials, up to intensive storage with automatic warehouses.

Cassioli will present its innovative storage solutions, optimizing the customer’s needs and the goods to be managed, in relation to size, performance, conservation and recovery methods.

The IMHX will take place from Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 September in NEC Birmingham: Cassioli is waiting for you at booth #5AM24.

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