In today’s increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced world, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for their customers. The long-standing partnership between Cassioli and Siemens is an example of how synergy between two leading companies in complementary sectors can bring important results in terms of offering customers efficient and high-quality systems.

For over 30 years, Cassioli has relied on Siemens, a technology company in the manufacturing, infrastructure and mobility sectors, which in 2023 was rewarded with the prestigious title of Cassioli Gold Supplier at an event to celebrate our company’s 80th anniversary.

The award was received by Gianpaolo Vercesi, the Italy area manager for Siemens Digital Industries, and presented by our president Paolo Cassioli himself. It was awarded to 10 companies, selected from over 1000 suppliers from our network, for their outstanding contribution to making the Cassioli supply chain even more sustainable, innovative and quality-focused.

“Our collaboration with Siemens has been ongoing since the 80s”, says Carlo Cassioli, CEO of the Cassioli Group, “when we developed our first automation system, and it continues today with highly complex integrated solutions”. 

Every automatic or semi-automatic system developed to order by Cassioli is the result of a precise interpretation of the customer’s needs, combined with the constant search for innovative technologies and meticulous attention to every detail. The collaboration between Siemens and Cassioli is key to identifying the most suitable components in view of the construction of machinery and innovative solutions for established or new applications, with the aim of improving performance and considerably reducing energy consumption.

Specifically in the tyre sector, it was important to create a “picker” for tyres – the Gantry robot – which was developed with Siemens, and which is now in its third generation.

For the Gantry, developed to move and store green tyres, Cassioli used Siemens’ SINAMICS S120 and, taking advantage of the perfect integration between Siemens solutions, SIMOTICS 1FG1 servo geared motors, which guarantee great performance with excellent functional stability. We particularly value the built-in safety features and the rapid set-up times, as well as management of the machinery using integrated kinematics in the CPU. Thanks to Siemens, we were able to develop a scalable machine that can interface with different systems and be adapted for a wide range of applications. Also highly valued is the connection with user interface systems developed on a Siemens base, geared to portability and ease of operation.

Thanks to its varied and comprehensive product portfolio, Siemens can support its customers in multiple goods sectors with different production needs, in line with the day-to-day challenges of the market.

“For us, Siemens is a strategic partner that has grown with us and with which we continue to collaborate on projects that are important to our customers, always with the highest levels of sustainability, reliability and innovation”, says Filippo Cassioli, Vice President of Automation for the Cassioli Group. “Always at the forefront in terms of technology, Siemens products have allowed us to significantly improve the performance of our machinery, which is considered the best in the sector and which requires highly technological components”.

The partnership between Cassioli and Siemens has therefore allowed both companies to achieve important results, giving customers the best value for money and always ensuring superb performance and a focus on innovation.

Cassioli, together with Smiths Detection, was awarded the construction of the new ATRS systems at Malta International Airport.

Cassioli has in fact won the tender for the construction of 6 Fast2Check ATRS, which will significantly streamline security checks within the terminal, optimizing the work of operators and speeding up flows.

It’s with great pride and gratitude that we announce Cassioli has been awarded by Continental the prestigious “Supplier of the Year 2023” award for the second year in a row.

Being recognized by a major tire industry player as a key global supplier in the “High Bay Storages and Automation” category is an important achievement that celebrates Cassioli’s constant commitment to excellence and continuous innovation of its systems.

The important prize, awarded to Cassioli’s VP of Sales Giacomo Valdambrini and to the Sales Engineer Alessandro Palazzini during the awards ceremony in Hanover, underlines the crucial role of our company as a partner of one of the largest international companies in the Tire Industry.

Cassioli has been collaborating with Continental since 2018 and in the last six years it has designed several Green Tire Handling and Storage systems and Final Finishing systems for this customer, demonstrating once again its great expertise in the automation of large production plants.

Thanks to the latest technologies and the constant commitment of our technicians, we have managed to offer innovative and reliable solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety.

The “Continental Supplier of the Year 2023” does not only celebrates Cassioli’s success, but also offers our company further motivation to improve and provide major international players with all the technology, efficiency and innovation of Made in Italy.



Cassioli is pleased to announce its participation in Brasil LOG 2024, an important international fair dedicated to the world of logistics.

The Brasil LOG, which will take place in Jundiaí-São Paulo, Brazil, from 22 to 24 May 2024, brings together companies in the logistics sector from different parts of the world, who will showcase the best technologies and innovations of their products and systems.

Cassioli will be happy to present the latest trends in the field of industrial handling and automation, in order to help customers in streamlining production processes, making the most of work areas and achieving significant time and costs savings.  Cassioli is waiting for you in  Brasil LOG 2024, Jundiaí-San Paolo, Brazil at the Parque da Uva, Booth 38 – 38a, from 22 to 24 May 2024.



Cassioli will participate in Passenger Terminal 2024, the world’s largest annual airport design and operations exhibition.

In this exhibition space, we will present our latest development in the field of ATRS, with the new generation of the FAST2CHECK product line and Baggage Handling Equipment.

Thanks to the long experience as manufacturer and with the production completely located in Italy, Cassioli is adding the tradition of Italian design, jointly to the highest technological level, to the value chain reserved to customers.

Cassioli is waiting for you in Frankfurt-Germany,  Booth D29, Hall 6.1, from 16 to 18 April 2024.





Cassioli, is pleased to announce its participation in Modex 2024, one of the most important american exhibition dedicated to supply chain and intralogistics technologies.

MODEX 2024 brings the entire supply chain ecosystem together to showcase end-to-end solutions to companies of the most diverse product sectors.

Cassioli will be happy to present the latest trends in the field of industrial handling and automation, in order to help customers in streamlining production processes, making the most of work areas and achieving significant time and costs savings. Cassioli is waiting for you in Atlanta-USA at the Georgia World Congress Center, Booth C2885, from 11 to 14 March 2024.


We open the new year by announcing 4 important international exhibitions in which Cassioli will take part during 2024:
☑️MODEX 2024 Supply Chain Expo, Atlanta, USA ➡︎ March 11-12-13-14, 2024
☑️TIRE TECHNOLGY EXPO, Hannover, Germany ➡︎ March 19-20-21, 2024
☑️LOGIMAT, Stuttgart, Germany ➡︎ March 19-20-21, 2024

☑️PASSENGER TERMINAL EXPO: ➡︎ April 16-17-18, 2024

☑️FISPAL TECNOLOGIA, São Paulo, Brasil ➡︎ June 18-19-20-21, 2024
☑️MANAGEMENT LOGISTICO, Buenos Aires, Argentina: September 18, 2024

Leader in the intralogistics and handling sector, Cassioli has now become a strategic partner for important companies operating in the most diverse product sectors. Cassioli offers cutting-edge systems and technologies that guarantee rapid and safe transport of goods within the work area, improving productivity and reducing operating and labor costs.
➡️Visit our stands to learn more about our systems and to speak directly with our experts, who will be pleased to find the best solution for your needs.






We are waiting for you from 10 to 13 October in Munich to discover the innovative Fast2Check Cassioli

Cassioli is pleased to announce its participation in one of the most important events in the world in the airport sector, the Inter Airport Europe which will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Center from 10 to 13 October 2023.

During the exhibition, Cassioli Airport Division, will showcase its innovative Fast2Check, the automatic tray return system designed to allow higher productivity, reduced waiting times and increased passenger flows.

Fast2Check meets the needs of any type of airport, from the smallest to the largest international airports. Design and engineering innovation helps to significantly reduce queues, whilst maintaining a focus on ensuring the highest security standards at the airport. The modular design allows excellent system flexibility, allowing development of different configurations according to the needs of each airport.

As exhibitor, Cassioli will be present at Hall B5 Stand 1410 to meet customers, business partners and potential buyers!



Dedication, operational excellence, and constant innovation are key factors that allow a company to distinguish itself within its industry. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we announce that Cassioli has been honored with the prestigious Continental “Supplier of the Year 2022” award as the top global supplier in the “High Bay Storages and Automation” category.

The award, presented in Hannover to Cassioli’s VP of Sales, Giacomo Valdambrini, highlights Cassioli’s hard work and commitment in providing high-quality solutions, as well as demonstrating our company’s role as a leader in automation for the tire industry.

Cassioli, which began collaborating with Continental in 2018 and has been present in numerous facilities worldwide for over 5 years with various handling and storage systems, has successfully completed 12 installations in Continental plants across Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Portugal), China, the United States, and Latin America during this period.

The main systems implemented by Cassioli for Continental have been green tire handling & storage systems and final finishing installations, which, thanks to their demonstrated efficiency, have allowed Cassioli to be recognized as a highly advanced entity.

Another characteristic that has enabled Cassioli to stand out is its ability to strategically collaborate with its customers, committing to understanding each customer’s specific needs and offering customized solutions that meet their requirements. The partnership with Continental has enabled our company to create added value and achieve positive results for both parties involved.

This award not only celebrates Cassioli’s success but also represents further motivation for improvement, in order to provide major international players with all the technology, efficiency, and innovation of Made in Italy.

Cassioli has been honored with the prestigious Continental “Supplier of the Year 2022” award as the top global supplier in the “High Bay Storages and Automation” category.

Cassioli has recently joined Workplace Health Promotion (WHP), a program promoted by the Tuscany Region in collaboration with the Local Health Authority, aimed at preventing and promoting health in occupational settings.

The concept of Health Promotion in the workplace assumes that a company not only implements all measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases but also commits to providing its employees with opportunities to improve their health by reducing general risk factors and, in particular, those most involved in the development of chronic diseases.

Workplaces that promote health, for example, encourage and promote physical activity, provide opportunities to quit smoking, promote healthy eating, and implement measures to improve well-being at work and outside of work.

Cassioli is pleased to participate in this initiative, with a new philosophy in which work environments become spaces for health education and where the adoption of healthy behaviors, from nutrition to active lifestyles, is encouraged.

The thematic areas of the WHP project will be as follows:

  • Promotion of proper nutrition
  • Combating tobacco smoking
  • Promotion of physical activity
  • Promotion of road safety and sustainable mobility
  • Combating harmful alcohol consumption and other dependencies
  • Promotion of occupational well-being and work-life balance
  • Interventions to promote adherence to vaccination plans, cancer screenings, and environmental/resource protection.

It is a challenging and highly important program aimed at promoting the psychophysical well-being of employees and, consequently, that of the surrounding community.


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