Havan: the company

The name “HAVAN” derives from the union of “Hang” and “Vanderlei”, former partner of the company. The first store was opened in 1986 in a 45 m² space in the city of Brusque, Santa Catarina. In 2010, a megastore was also installed in this city in Barra Velha, Parada Havan, the CDH, Havan Distribution Center, one of the most modern in Brazil. More than 1 million products are handled daily in the distribution center. About 300 trucks transport goods across the country every day. The chain has over 100,000 domestic and imported products. There are currently 10,000 hires per year across all networks. There are already more than 1 million m² in built stores. The goal is to reach 200 Havan megastores by 2022.

The issue

The customer turned to Cassioli for the creation of a new automated distribution center, to support the 50 stores of the Havan Group, in order to represent one of the most modern and innovative logistics centers in Brazil in the large-scale retail sector. The warehouse of this ambitious project represents a real Distribution Center where the storage of goods, the preparation of customer orders and the relative packaging for shipment are carried out. The products are stored both on pallets and in plastic containers of various sizes. The warehouse is self-supporting and overall the average quantity in stock is represented by about 25,000 pallets and 2,000 containers.

Cassioli’s solution

  • 32 meters high self-supporting automatic warehouse
  • 5 stacker cranes for pallets of 1500 Kg, double depth, with regeneration, speed 3m / s and height 30.6 meters
  • 1 stacker crane for cassettes (400 * 600, 50Kg), single depth, double cassette picking system, speed 5 m/s
  • Pallet: 25,000 allocations
  • Cassette: 2,000 allocations
  • Daily movements: about 10,000 between pallets and boxes
  • 16 picking islands
  • Pick to light
  • 4 SLS (Shuttle Loop Systems)
  • Automatic load identification: RFID

The entire system has been sized in such a way as to meet the requirements relating to the accommodation potential and the handling potential. Another constraint that had to be respected is the plan-volume in order to contain the overall costs (balance between the number of stacker cranes, number of rooms horizontally and number of rooms in height). Since the design of automated warehouses based on stacker crane technology almost univocally determines not only the reception potential but also their handling potential, it is necessary that the performance offered by the system be as congruent as possible with the value of the flow. of load units in transit through the warehouse (project flow). The interlocking line placed at the head of the warehouse has provided 16 parallel picking islands served by the SLS motorized shuttle system. The line also manages direct exits without picking and the incoming / outgoing flow from the warehouse (re-entry or withdrawals requested from the picking area). The shuttle solution makes it possible to avoid generating the phenomenon of “queues”, which is basically linked to an imbalance between the duration of operations that follow one another. The SLS system consists of transport units equipped with independent motorization. The maximum speed that can be reached by each individual mobile unit is 300 m / min (5.0 m / s) with an acceleration of 2 m / s2.

The Advantages


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